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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-06Assessment and evaluation of ecosystem services in the succulent karoo biomeLe Maitre, David; O'Farrell, Patrick; Milton, Sue; Atkinson, Doreen; De Lange, Willem; Egoh, Benis; Reyers, Belinda; Colvin, Christine; Maherry, Ashton; Blignaut, James
2012-05-23The economic consequences of the environmental impacts of alien plant invasions in South AfricaLe Maitre, David; de Lange, Willem; Richardson, David; Wise, Russell; van Wilgen, Brian
2021-03Fine-scale delineation of Strategic Water Source Areas for surface water in South Africa using Empirical Bayesian Kriging Regression Prediction: Technical reportLötter, Mervyn; Le Maitre, David
2019-01Global overview of spatial data needs for biological invasionsLe Maitre, David
2018-06-22Global overview of spatial data needs for biological invasionsLe Maitre, David
2017-03Grasses as invasive plants in South Africa revisited: patterns, pathways and managementVisser (SANBI), Vernon; Wilson (SANBI), John R.U.; Canavan, Kim; Canavan, Susan; Fish(SANBI), Lyn; Le Maitre, David; Nanni (SANBI), Ingrid; Mashau (SANBI), Caroline; O'Connor, Tim G.; Ivey (SANBI), Philip; Kumschick (SANBI), Sabrina; Richardson, David M.
2012-05-24Mapping ecological infrastructure – for conservation and restoration actionO'Farrell, Patrick; Reyers, Belinda; Le Maitre, David; Forsyth, Greg; Nel, Jeanne; Anderson, Pippin; Holmes, Anderson
2014-05-14An overview of the impacts of invasive plant species on water resources and river systems in South AfricaLe Maitre, David; Forsyth, Greg; Dzikiti, Sebinasi; Gush, Mark
2016-06-10Participatory, local-level planning of invasive plant species management to protect biodiversity and secure ecosystem servicesLe Maitre, David; Forsyth, Greg
2012-05-23The prioritisation of invasive alien plant control projects using a multi-criteria decision model informed by stakeholder input and spatial dataWannenburgh, Andrew; Forsyth, Greg; Le Maitre, David; O' Farrell, Patrick; van Wilgen, Brian
2014-05-14South Africa’s Strategic Water Source Areas: supply, demand and utilitySmith, Janis; Nel, Jeanne; Le Maitre, David; Sitas, Nadia
2018-03-31The status of biological invasions and their management in South AfricaVan Wilgen (ed.), Brian W.; Wilson (ed.) (SANBI), John R.; Faulkner, Katelyn T.; Mnikathi (SANBI), Zanele; Morapi (SANBI), Tumelo; Muyai (SANBI), Tendamudzimu; Rahlao (SANBI), Sebataolo; Zengeya (SANBI), Tsungai; Adams (SANBI), Ruqaya; Botha (SANBI), Lee-Anne; Chauke, Oupa; Fill, Jennifer; Forsyth, Therese; Foxcroft, Llewellyn; Greve, Michelle; Griffiths, Charles; Herbert, Dai; Holmes, Pat; Ivey, Philip; Kotzé, Stiaan; Le Maitre, David; Little, Rob; Malakalaka, Karabo; Measey, John; Miza (SANBI), Siyasanga; Ndou, Bernard; Nelukalo, Khathutshelo; Richardson, David; Robinson, Tamara; Rushworth, Ian; Shakleton, Ross; Terrapon (SANBI), Heather M.; Turner, Andrew; Veldtman (SANBI), Ruan; Vimercati, Giovanni; Zachariades, Costas
2017-06-22Strategic Water Source Areas: protecting critical ecological infrastructure for human well-being and biodiversityLe Maitre, David; Seyler, Helen; Smith-Adao, Lindie; Nel, Jeanne
2012-05-23Working for Water sixteen years on_assessments of value and progressvan Wilgen, Brian; Forsyth, Greg; Le Maitre, David; Wannenburgh, Andrew; Kotze, Johan; van den Berg, Elna; Henderson, Lesley