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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-05-30Bridging the research–implementation gap: Mainstreaming biodiversity into the South African mining sectorHolness, Stephen; Stephens, Anthea; Ginsburg, Aimee; Botts, Emily; Driver (SANBI), Amanda; Manuel (SANBI), Jeffrey; Maze (SANBI), Kristal; Wickens, Patti; Lutsch, Wilma; Malebu (SANBI), Tsamaelo; Mohasoa, Peter; Mudau, Stephinah
2013-05-09Fruit salad for everyone: Municipal Biodiversity Summaries projectMalebu (SANBI), Tsamaelo; Daniels (SANBI), Fahiema
2014-05-15Identifying Ecologically and Biologically Significant Areas (EBSAs) in South AfricaMalebu (SANBI), Tsamaelo; Sink (SANBI), Kerry
2018-06-20Mapping environmental sensitivities to inform the Phased Gas Pipeline Strategic Environmental AssessmentDaniels (SANBI), Fahiema; Malebu (SANBI), Tsamaelo; Wolsdorff, Annick; Abed, Rohaida; Manuel (SANBI), Jeff
2015-06-23National highlights, new projects and updatesMalebu (SANBI), Tsamaelo
2018-06-20Second phase of the Strategic Environmental Assessment for the identification of Renewable Energy Development ZonesMalatji (SANBI), Norma; Lamula (SANBI), Kedibone; Cape, Lydia; Daniels (SANBI), Fahiema; Malebu (SANBI), Tsamaelo; Adams, Abulele; Ramogotshi, Reinett
2015-06-24Unlocking obstacles in the Phakisa expansion of South Africa's Marine Protected AreasMalebu (SANBI), Tsamaelo; Miza (SANBI), Siyasanga; Sink (SANBI), Kerry
2014-05-13An update of the Municipal Biodiversity Summaries projectMalatji (SANBI), Norma; Mangena (SANBI), Kensani; Daniels, Fahiema; Malebu (SANBI), Tsamaelo
2016-06-07Using Least Cost Path analysis for potential routing powerlines within electricity corridors identified in the Electricity Grid Infrastructure Strategic Environmental AssessmentMalebu (SANBI), Tsamaelo
2016-06-09Using systematic biodiversity planning principles to identify and map Key Fishing Areas within South Africa's Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)Malebu (SANBI), Tsamaelo; Sink (SANBI), Kerry; Lombard, Amanda