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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Descriptive taxonomy and DNA: two abreast, or different strokes for different blokes.Buys, M.H.; Smith (SANBI), G.F.
2012Did the Romans grow succulents in Iberia?Smith (SANBI), G.F.; Figueiredo, E.
2006Discovering our biodiversity.Hamer, M,; Dippenaar-Schoeman, A,; Herbert, D,; Crowe, T,; Smith (SANBI), G.F.; Mansell, M.; Scholtz, C.; Pauw, J.; Van Jaarsveld, A.
2004Diversity of Amaranthaceae: international collaborative research on a plant group of nearly global distribution.Borsch, T.; Muller, K.; Ortuno, T.; Beck, S.G.; Flores, H.; Sanchez-De Pino, L.; Motley, T.; Jordaan, M.; Smith (SANBI), G.F.; Wondafrash, M.; Demissew, S.; Pratt, D.B.; Barthlott
2009Documented utility and biocultural value of Aloe L. (Asphodelaceae): a reviewGrace, O.M.; Simmonds, M.S.J.; Smith (SANBI), G.F.; Van Wyk, A.E.
2009E-taxonomy: an affordable tool to fill the biodiversity knowledge gapSmith (SANBI), G.F.; Figueiredo, E.
2009EDIT reaching out to southern counterparts: perspectives from the ABRS and SANBI.Smith (SANBI), G.F.; Slayter, C.
2010EDIT, the South African National Biodiversity Institute and NCB Naturalis make progress with developing collaborative projects.Raes, N.; Donaldson, J.S.; Wolfson, M.; De Groot, W.; Ribeiro, S.; Smith (SANBI), G.F.; Roos, M.; Steenkamp, Y.; Rampho, T.; Midgley, G.
2004Eerste veldgids tot grasse van Suider-Afrika. Struik, Cape Town.Smith (SANBI), G.F.
2011English and Latin as alternative languages for validating the names of organisms covered by the International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants: The final chapter?Smith (SANBI), G.F.; Figueiredo, E.; Moore, G.
2004Exotic succulents Down Under: the collection of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney.Smith (SANBI), G.F.; Willis, C.K.
2011Extinction risk and diversification are linked in a plant biodiversity hotspot.Jonathan Davies, T.; Smith (SANBI), G.F.; Bellstedt, D.U.; Boatwright, J.S.; Bytebier, B.; Cowling, R.M.; Forest, F.; Harmon, L.J.; Muasya, A.M.; Schrire, B.; Steenkamp, Y.; Van Der Bank, M.; Savolainen, V.
2006Final Project Report. Looking back on the SABONET Project: a triumph of regional cooperation. Southern African Botanical Diversity Network Report No. 43. SABONET, Pretoria.Steenkamp, Y.; Siebert, S.J.; Smith (SANBI), G.F.; Huntley, B.J.; Willis, C.K.
2008Final report: Aloes of the world Workshop: reaching consensus on content for a scholarly electronic resource on Aloe, held on 19–22 November 2007 in Pretoria, South Africa.Smith (SANBI), G.F.; Walters (SANBI), M.; Klopper (SANBI), R.R.; Crouch (SANBI), N.R.
2010First description of female flowers of the dioecious Adenia fruticosa subsp. trifoliata (Passifloraceae).Crouch (SANBI), N.R.; Beaumont, A.; Smith (SANBI), G.F.
2004First field guide to grasses of southern Africa. Struik, Cape Town.Smith (SANBI), G.F.
2007Floristics of the angiosperm ?ora of sub-Saharan Africa: an analysis of the African Plant Checklist and Database.Klopper (SANBI), R.R.; Gautier, L.; Chatelain, C.; Smith (SANBI), G.F.; Spichiger, R.
2005Florsitic endemism in southern Africa: a numeric classification at generic level.Steenkamp, Y.; Van Wyk, A.E.; Smith (SANBI), G.F.; Steyn (SANBI), H.M.
2009Formalizing the synonymy of Bulbine triebneri (Asphodelaceae: Alooideae)Klopper (SANBI), R.R.; Smith (SANBI), G.F.
2004Forum botanicum: 2002 Compton Prize awarded to trio.Smith (SANBI), G.F.