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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Beyond bioclimatic envelopes: dynamic species’ range and abundance modelling in the context of climatic change.Huntley, B; Barnard, P; Altwegg, R; Chambers, L; Bernard, W T; Coetzee, L G; Hockey, P A R; Hole, D G; Midgley, G; Underhill, L G; Willis, S G
2008Birds and people.Barnard, P
2009Birds of the South: Elsie’s Peak—birds on the edgeBarnard, P; Simmons, R
2007Board member favourites: article reviews from vols 2 and 3.Barnard, P
2007Breeding booted eagles in Brukkaros, Namibia?Simmons, R; Barnard, P
2004Climate change and birds: perspectives and prospects from southern Africa.Simmons, R E; Barnard, P; Dean, W R J; Midgley, G F; Thuiller, W; Hughes, G O
2010Climate change: biodiversity on the move.Barnard, P; Underhill, L G
2008Coping with Climate Change.Barnard, P
2008Do good lives have to cost the Earth?Barnard, P
2009Effects of invasion of ?re-free arid shrub-lands by a ?re-promoting invasive alien grass (Pennisetum setaceum) in South Africa.Rahlao, S J; Milton, S J; Esler, K J; Van Wilgen, B; Barnard, P
2012Endemic fynbos avifauna: comparative range declines a cause for concern.Lee, A T K; Barnard, P
2012Experimental evidence for bird pollination and corolla damage by ants in the short-tubed flowers of Erica halicacaba (Ericaceae).Turner, R C; Midgley, J J; Barnard, P; Simmons, R E; Johnson, S D
2012Funding nature conservation: who pays?Evans, D M; Barnard, P; Koh, L P; Chapman, C A; Altwegg, R; Garner, T W J; Gompper, M E; Gordon, I J; Katzner, T E; Pettorelli, N
2009How will birds cope with climate change?Barnard, P; Simmons, R
2008Introduction. Global change and biodiversity: future challenges.Barnard, P; Thuiller, W
2005Invasive species under global change—signs from a homogenized world.Barnard, P; Midgley, G; Thuiller, W
2008Meet a conservationist—Mao Angua.Barnard, P
2008Meet a conservationist—Wendy Foden.Barnard, P
2012Modelling relationships between species spatial abundance patterns and climate.Huntley, B; Barnard, P; Altwegg, R; Collingham, Y C; Hole, D G
2012Monitoring changes in farmland birds.Harebottle, D; Barnard, P; Smit, H