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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011A northeastern range extension of Orbea cooperi (N.E.Br.)L.C.Leach.Berruti, S M; Bester, S P
2006Apocynaceae.Bester, S P; Nicholas, A; Venter, H J T
2011Asclepias albens (E.Mey.) Schltr. and A. macropus (Schltr.) Schltr.Bester, S P; Condy, G
2009Aspidoglossum ovalifolium (Apocynaceae)Bester, S P; Condy, G
2005Ehretia namibiensis subsp. namibiensis: A new distribution record in the Flora of southern Africa (FSA) Region.Bester, S P; Retief, E
2006Ericaceae.Bester, S P; Oliver, E G H
2005Hoodia flava (Apocynaceae: Asclepiadoideae).Bester, S P; Archer, R H; Condy, G
2009Lavrania haagnerae(Apocynaceae)Bester, S P; Condy, G
2006New records of Adenium boehmianum in the FSA region (Apocynaceae).Bester, S P
2011Notes on African Plants: Apocynaceae (Asclepiadoideae–Ceropegieae). First records of Orbea cooperi in Gauteng and Mpumalanga Provinces, FSA region.Bester, S P; Berruti, S M
2011Notes on African Plants: Apocynaceae. Distribution of Cryptolepis delagoensis (Periplocoideae–Cryptolepideae), a subcontinental southern African endemic and selection of a neotype.Bester, S P; Joubert, L
2007Orbea elegans.Bester, S P; Condy, G
2005Schizoglossum umbelluliferum: an unusual milkweed re-collected in Pretoria after 109 years.Bester, S P; Victor, J E
2007Stenostelma umbelluliferum.Bester, S P; Nicholas, A; Condy, G
2011Strophanthus speciosus (Ward & Harv.) Reber.Bester, S P; Condy, G
2007Transfer of Schizoglossum umbelluliferum to Stenostelma, and its neotypification (Apocynaceae–Asclepiadoideae).Bester, S P; Nicholas, A
2011Xysmalobium pedifoetidum Bester & Nicholas.Bester, S P; Nicholas, A; Condy, G