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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Abstract: A guide to plant families of southern Africa.Koekemoer, M.; Steyn, H.M.; Bester, S.P.
2008Abstract: National Plant Collecting Programme: Is it worth the trouble? Progress on collection in Tankwa Karoo and Namaqua National Parks.Bester, S.P.; Steyn, H.M.; Koekemoer, M.
2010Brachystelma barberae: “What’s in a name”?Bester, S.P.
2004Ceropegia ampliata E.Mey. (Apocynaceael Asclepiadaceae).Bester, S.P.
2018-12-10Crotalaria magaliesbergensisBester, S.P.
2006Diplorhynchus condylocarpon (Müll.Arg.) Pichon (Apocynaceae).Bester, S.P.
2008Gomphocarpus cancellatus (Burm.f.) Bruyns (Apocynaceae).Bester, S.P.
2009Mondia whitei (Hook.f.) Skeels (Apocynaceae)Bester, S.P.
2008Mundulea sericea (Willd.) A.Chev. (Fabaceae).Bester, S.P.; Grobler, A.
2006Orbea Haw. (Apocynaceae)Bester, S.P.
2010Orbea lutea (N.E.Br.) Bruyns subsp. lutea (Apocynaceae).Bester, S.P.
2008Pachycarpus schinzianus (Schltr.) N.E.Br. (Apocynaceae).Bester, S.P.
2007Pachypodium Lindl. (Apocynaceae).Bester, S.P.
2010Pachypodium namaquanum: Seeking refuge in a changing world.Bester, S.P.
2009Pelargonium crassicaule L’Hér(Geraniaceae)Retief, E.; Bester, S.P.
2008Pentarrhinum insipidum E.Mey. (Apocynaceae).Bester, S.P.
2011Rare Ceropegia found in Pretoria National Botanical Garden.Bester, S.P.
2010Riocreuxia genus.Bester, S.P.
2006Stapelia L. (Apocynaceae).Bester, S.P.
2008Stenostelma umbelluliferum (Schltr.) S.P.Bester & Nicholas (Apocynaceae).Bester, S.P.