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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011A northeastern range extension of Orbea cooperi (N.E.Br.)L.C.Leach.Berruti, S.M.; Bester (SANBI), S.P.
2012Abstract: A guide to plant families of southern Africa.Koekemoer (SANBI), M.; Steyn (SANBI), H.M.; Bester (SANBI), S.P.
2006Abstract: An overview of the genus Stenostelma Schltr. (Apocynaceae) in southern Africa.Bester (SANBI), S.P.; Nicholas, A.
2008Abstract: National Plant Collecting Programme: Is it worth the trouble? Progress on collection in Tankwa Karoo and Namaqua National Parks.Bester (SANBI), S.P.; Steyn (SANBI), H.M.; Koekemoer (SANBI), M.
2008Abstract: Red-listed: ‘To be or not to be’. A case study of Stenostelma umbelluliferum.Bester (SANBI), S.P.; Victor (SANBI), J.E.
2004Adenium multiflorum Klotzsch (Apocynaceae).Bester (SANBI), S.P.
2007Adenium Roem. & Schult. (Apocynaceae).Bester (SANBI), S.P.
2005Ancylobotrys capensis (Oliv.) Pichon (Apocynaceae).Bester (SANBI), S.P.
2017-11ApocynaceaeBester (SANBI), S.P.; Retief, Elizabeth; Meyer, Nicole L.
2019-07ApocynaceaeNicholas, Ashley; Glen, Melissa; Shuttleworth, Adam; Bester (SANBI), S.P.
2006Apocynaceae.Bester (SANBI), S.P.; Nicholas, A.; Venter, H.J.T.
2011Asclepias albens (E.Mey.) Schltr. and A. macropus (Schltr.) Schltr.Bester (SANBI), S.P.; Condy (SANBI), G.S.
2020-02Asclepias L. (Apocynaceae)Bester (SANBI), S.P.
2016Aspidoglossum albocoronatum (Apocynaceae, Asclepiadoideae), a new species with a remarkable petaloid corona from the northern provinces of South AfricaBester (SANBI), S.P.; Nicholas, Ashley
2009Aspidoglossum ovalifolium (Apocynaceae)Bester (SANBI), S.P.; Condy (SANBI), G.S.
2008Brachystelma barberae Harv. ex Hook.f. (Apocynaceae).Bester (SANBI), S.P.
2019-12Ceropegia linearis E.Mey. subsp. woodii (Schltr.) H.Huber. (Apocynaceae)Bester (SANBI), S.P.
2019-12Ceropegia sandersonii Decne. ex Hook.f. (Apocynaceae)Bester (SANBI), S.P.
2015-06Ceropegia terebriformisBester (SANBI), S.P.; Condy (SANBI), G.S.
2020-02-01Conseravtion status of Stenostelma umbelluliferum andits implications for management of biodiversityVictor (SANBI), J.E.; Bester (SANBI), S.P.