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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006A morphological cladistic analysis of Lobostemon (Boraginaceae).Buys, M H
2009AFLPs are incompatible with RAPD and morphological data in Pennisetum purpureum (Napier grass).Struwig, M; Mienie, C M S; Van Den Berg, J; Mucina, L; Buys, M H
2009De Candolle’s Prodromus: the role of father and son in relation to names in Lobostemon (Boraginaceae) and typi?cation thereofBuys, M H; Nordenstam, B
2008Delosperma relations as evidenced by molecular data.Buys, M H
2008Drimiopsis linioseta, a new species from the Sekukhuneland Centre of Endemism, South Africa (Hyacinthaceae).Hankey, A J; Buys, M H; Lebatha, P D
2009iKhambi-lamabulawo.Buys, M H
2007Lectotypification of the basionym, Echium glaucophyllum (Boraginaceae).Buys, M H; Nordenstam, B
2006Ledebouria, Resnova and Drimiopsis: a tale of three genera.Lebatha, P D; Buys, M H; Stedje, B
2007Lobostemon lasiophyllus: discovery of a link specimen in Stockholm, the correct author citation and synonymy (Boraginaceae).Buys, M H; Nordenstam, B; Vogt, R
2009Nomenclature and typi?cation of J.G.C. Lehmann and H. Buek names in Lobostemon (Boraginaceae)Buys, M H; Nordenstam, B
2008Oscularia: a mountain to climb.Buys, M H
2009Proposal to conserve the name Echium laevigatum (Lobostemon laevigatus) (Boraginaceae) with a conserved type.Nordenstam, B; Buys, M H
2008Taxonomic significance of secondary metabolites and compounds in subtribe Ledebouriinae (Hyacinthaceae).Lebatha, P D; Buys, M H; Abegaz, B M