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2016-03Comparative morphology of the mouthparts of the megadiverse South African monkey beetles (Scarabaeidae: Hopliini): feeding adaptations and guild structureKarolyi, F.; Hansal, T.; Krenn, W.K.; Colville (SANBI), Jonathan F.
2015-06Delivery of crop pollination services is an insufficient argument for wild pollinator conservationKleijn, D.; Winfree, R.; Bartomeus, I.; Carvalheiro, L.G.; Henry, M.; Isaacs, R.; Klein, A.M.; Kremen, C.; M’Gonigle, L.K.; Rader, R.; Ricketts, T.H.; Williams, N.M.; Adamson, N.L.; Ascher, J.S.; Báldi, A.; Batáry, P.; Benjamin, F.; Biesmeijer, J.C.; Blitzer, E.J.; Bommarco, R.; Brand, M.R.; Bretagnolle, V.; Button, L.; Cariveau, D.P.; Chifflet, R.; Colville (SANBI), Jonathan F.; Danforth, B.N.; Elle, E.; Garratt, M.P.D.; Herzog, F.; Holzschuh, A.; Howlett, B.G.; Jauker, F.; Jha, S.; Knop, E.; Krewenka, K.M.; Le Féon, V; Mandelik, Y.; May, E.A; Park, M.G; Pisanty, G; Reemer, M; Riedinger, V; Rollin, O; Rundlof, M; Sardinas, H.S; Scheper, J; Sciligo, A.R; Smith, H.G; Steffan-Dewenter, I; Thorp, R; Tscharntke, T; Verhulst, J; Viana, B.F; Vaissière, B.E.; Veldtman (SANBI), Ruan; Westphal, K.; Potts, S.G.
2022-01-10Hidden Diversity—A New Speciose Gall Midge Genus (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) Associated with Succulent Aizoaceae in South AfricaDorchin, Netta; van Munster, Stephany; Klak, Cornelia; Bowie, Rauri C.K.; Colville (SANBI), Jonathan F.
2020-08-05Plant richness, turnover, and evolutionary diversity track gradients of stability and ecological opportunity in a megadiversity centerColville (SANBI), Jonathan F.; Beale, Colin M.; Forest, Félix; Altwegg, Res; Huntley, Brian; Cowling, Richard M.
2020-08-10Review of the genus Beckhoplia Dombrow, 2005 with the description of fifteen new species from South Africa and observations on its biogeography (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Melolonthinae: Hopliini)Dombrow, Holger E.; Colville (SANBI), Jonathan F.
2021-05-10Sexual deception of a beetle pollinator through floral mimicryCohen, Callan; Liltved (SANBI), William F.; Colville (SANBI), Jonathan F.; Svatoš, Aleš; Bytebier, Benny; Johnson, Steven D.