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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-06-03Designing Systematic Conservation Assessments that Promote Effective Implementation: Best Practice from South AfricaKnight, Andrew; Driver (SANBI), Amanda; Cowling, Richard; Maze (SANBI), Kristal; Desmet, Philip; Lombard, Amanda; Rougert, Mathieu; Botha, Mark; Boshoff, Andre; Castley, Guy; Goodman, Peter; Mackinnon, Kathy; Pierce, Shirley; Sims-Castley, Rebecca; Stewart, Warrick; Von Hase, Amrei
2007-05-30Developing products for conservation decision-making: lessons from a spatial biodiversity assessment for South AfricaReyers, Belinda; Rouget, Mathieu; Jonas, Zuziwe; Cowling, Richard; Driver (SANBI), Amanda; Maze (SANBI), Kristal; Desmet, Philip
2012-05-25How to incorporate spatially and temporally dynamic biodiversity information into a MARXAN analysisDesmet, Philip
2017-06-21Making CBA Maps: Considering previous biodiversity plans in CBA MapsDesmet, Philip; Hawley-McMaster, Greer; Berliner, Derek; King, Thomas
2020-05-16More than just a (red) list: Over a decade of using South Africa's threatened ecosystems in policy and practiceBotts, Emily; Skowno (SANBI), Andrew; Driver (SANBI), Amanda; Holness, Stephen; Maze, Kristal; Smith (SANBI), Tammy; Daniels (SANBI), Fahiema; Desmet, Philip; Sink, Kerry; Botha, Mark; Nel, Jeanne; Manuel (SANBI), Jeff
2015-06-26Progress with the Waterberg District Municipality Bioregional Plan and lessons learntDesmet, Philip; Vromans, Deborah; Holness, Stephen; Skowno (SANBI), Andrew
2017-06-20Proposed categorisation framework for the wildlife ranching sector in South Africa and spatial analysis of its impactDesmet, Philip; Lockwood, Keith; 't Sas-Rolfes, Michael; Gable, Christian
2017-06-21Reviewing a systematic biodiversity conservation plan: Eastern CapeHawley-McMaster, Greer; Desmet, Philip; Berliner, Derek
2013-05-09Update on the Limpopo Conservation PlanDesmet, Philip; Egan, Vincent