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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A review of chromosome cytology in Hyacinthaceae subfamilies Urgineoideae and Hyacinthoideae (tribes Hyacintheae, Massonieae, Pseudoprospereae) in sub-Saharan Africa.Goldblatt, P.; Manning (SANBI), John C.; Forest, F.
2021-09-01Biogeographic origins of southern African Silene (Caryophyllaceae)Moiloa, N.A.; Mesbah, M.; Nylinder, S.; Manning (SANBI), J.; Forest, F.; de Boer, H.J.; Bacon, C.D.; Oxelman, B.
2015-02-26Evolutionary history and leaf succulence as explanations for medicinal use in aloes and the global popularity of Aloe veraGrace, O.M.; Buerki, S.; Symonds, M.R.E.; Forest, F.; Van Wyk, A.E.; Smith, G.F.; Klopper (SANBI), R.R.; Bjora, C.S.; Neale, S.; Demissew, S.; Simmonds, M.S.J.; Ronsted, N
2011Extinction risk and diversification are linked in a plant biodiversity hotspot.Jonathan Davies, T.; Smith (SANBI), G.F.; Bellstedt, D.U.; Boatwright, J.S.; Bytebier, B.; Cowling, R.M.; Forest, F.; Harmon, L.J.; Muasya, A.M.; Schrire, B.; Steenkamp, Y.; Van Der Bank, M.; Savolainen, V.
2019-03-15A phylogeographic study of the stoneplant Conophytum (Aizoaceae; Ruschioideae; Ruschieae) in the Bushmanland Inselberg Region (South Africa) suggests anemochoryPowell (SANBI), R.F.; Magee (SANBI), A.R.; Forest, F.; Cowan, R.S.; Boatwright, J.S.
2005Plant species-level systematics: new perspectives on pattern and processForest, F.; Savolainen, V.
2016Relationships of the sub-Saharan African genus Zygotritonia Mildbr.(Iridaceae: Crocoideae) inferred from molecular analysisGoldblatt, P.; Manning (SANBI), J.C.; Demissew, Sedsebe; Malakasi, P.; Forest, F.
2021-11-11A revised infrageneric classification of Bellevalia Lapeyr. (Asparagaceae: Scilloideae) based on molecular analysisJafari, A.; Vaezi, J.; Forghanifard, M.M.; Forest, F.; Manning (SANBI), J.C.