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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Arctotis decurrens (Arctotideae), the correct name for A. merxmuelleri and A. scullyi (Asteraceae).Mckenzie, R J; Herman, P P J; Barker, N P
2006Asteraceae (in part), Clerodendrum, Rotheca (Lamiaceae).Herman, P P J
2008Asteraceae in Strelitzia 14 (2003) and Southern African Botanical Diversity Network Report 41 (2006): updates and corrections.Herman, P P J
2011Asteraceae. Vernonia (tribe Vernonieae) and related genera in southern Africa: updates and corrections.Herman, P P J; Swelankomo, N
2007Berkheya radula (Asteraceae: Arctoteae).Herman, P P J; Condy, G
2004Dicoma picta, the correct name for Cypselodontia eckloniana (Asteraceae).Herman, P P J; Koekemoer, M
2004Die plantfamilie Asteraceae: 6. Die subfamilie Asteroideae.Herman, P P J
2005Infraspecific taxa in a southern African Pavetta species (Rubiaceae).Herman, P P J
2006Lamiaceae: Clerodendrum and Rotheca.Retief, E; Herman, P P J
2006Notes on Brachylaena and Tarchonanthus in South Africa.Herman, P P J
2011Pavetta zeyheri subsp. zeyheri.Herman, P P J; Hyde-Johnson, J
2005Review: Riches of the forest: for health, life and spirit in Africa, edited by Citlalli López & Patricia Shanley, 2004.Herman, P P J
2011Revision of Arctotis sect. Anomalae (Asteraceae: Arctotideae), including the description of a new species from Northern Cape Province, South Africa.Mckenzie, R J; Herman, P P J; Korniyenko, O; Barker, N P
2011Tripteris aghillana var. aghillana.Herman, P P J; Swelankomo, N; Condy, G