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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008A new species of Gymnosporia from South Africa and Swaziland (Celastraceae).Jordaan, M
2006Amaranthaceae.Makgakga, M C; Jordaan, M
2006Annonaceae, Aquifoliaceae, Arakiaceae, Aristolochiaceae, Balanitaceae, Basellaceae, Bombacaceae, Buddlejaceae, Burseraceae, Cannabaceae, Capparaceae, Chrysobalanaceae, Cleomaceae, Combretaceae, Connaraceae, Cunoniaceae, Ebenaceae, Escalloniaceae, HamameliJordaan, M
2018-06-19; 2018-06-19Assessment of Freshwater Fish of South Africavan der Colff, D; von Staden, L; Jordaan, M; Raimondo, D; Chakona, A
2006Celastraceae, Erythroxylaceae, Salicaceae.Archer, R H; Jordaan, M
2005Die ghwarries van Suid-Afrika.Jordaan, M
2020-01-01Experience and lessons from alien and invasive animal control projects in South AfricaDavies, S.J; Jordaan, M; Karsten, M; Terblanche, J.S; Turner, A.A; van Wilgen, B.W; Veldtman (SANBI), R; Zengeya (SANBI), T.A; Measey, J
2006Fabaceae.Germishuizen, G; Jordaan, M
2005FSA contributions 18: Salicaceae s. str.Jordaan, M
2006Icacinaceae.Jordaan, M; Archer, R H
2006Myrtaceae.Glen, H F; Jordaan, M
2012Notes on African plants. Iteaceae. Taxonomic and nomenclatural notes on the genus Choristylis.Jordaan, M
2012Notes on African plants. Monimiaceae. Taxonomic and nomenclatural notes on the monotypic genus Xymalos and general information on the family Monimiaceae.Jordaan, M; Lötter, M
2006Rutaceae.Victor, J E; Jordaan, M
2005Salix: The correct application of the name Salix mucronata, and a new combination (Salicaceae).Archer, R H; Jordaan, M
2004The spikethorns (Gymnosporia) in southern Africa. Part 3: Section Buxifolia.Jordaan, M
2006Tiliaceae.Bredenkamp, C L; Jordaan, M