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2020-11Anti-leukaemic and anti-melanoma activities of homoisoflavonoids from Pseudoprospero firmifolium subsp. natalensis (Hyacinthaceae).Sihra, J.K.; Crouch, N.R.; Nawrot, D.A.; Mas-Claret, E.; Langat, M.K.; Mulholland, D.A.
2010Cembranolides from the stem bark of the southern African medicinal plant Croton gratissimus (Euphorbiaceae).Crouch (SANBI), N.R.; Langat, M.K.; Mulholland, D.A.; Coley, H.M.; Mutambi, E.M.; Nuzillard, J.M.
2021-01-01The effect of isolates from Cassipourea flanaganii (Schinz) Alston, a plant used as a skin lightening agent, on melanin production and tyrosinase inhibition.Langat, M.K.; Dlova, N.C.; Mulcahy-Ryan, L.E.; Schwikkard, S.L.; Opara, E.I.; Crouch (SANBI), N.R.; Hiles, J.D.; Mulholland, D.A.
2012Ent-kauren-19-oic acid derivatives from the stem bark of Croton pseudopulchellus Pax.Langat, M.K.; Crouch (SANBI), N.R.; Pohjala, L.; Tammela, P.; Smith, P.J.; Mulholland, D.A.
2017-03-08Novel triterpenoid derivatives from Eucomis bicolor Bak. (Hyacinthaceae: Hyacinthoideae)Sihra, J.K.; Langat, M.K.; Crouch (SANBI), N.R.; Nuzillard, J-M.; Plainchont, B.; Mulholland, D.A.
2020-09-24The phytochemical investigation of five African Croton species: Croton oligandrus, Croton megalocarpus, Croton menyharthii, Croton rivularis and Croton megalobotrys.Langat, M.K.; Djuidje, E.F.K.; Ndunda, B.M.; Isyaka, S.M.; Dolan, N.S.; Ettridge, G.D.; Whitmore, H.; Lopez, I.; Alquahtani, A.M.; Atiku, I.; Lobe, J.S.; Mas-Claret, E.; Crouch (SANBI), N.R.; Midiwo, J.O.; Mulholland, D.A.; Kamden, A.F.W.