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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Annesorhiza calcicola (Apiaceae), a new limestone endemic species from the Western Cape Province of South Africa.Magee (SANBI), Anthony R.; Manning (SANBI), John C.
2021-08-20Derived woodiness and annual habit evolved in African umbellifers as alternative solutions for coping with droughtFrankiewicz, Kamil E.; Banasiak, Ɓukasz; Oskolski, Alexei A.; Magee (SANBI), Anthony R.; Alsarraf, Mohammad; Trzeciak, Paulina; Spalik, Krzysztof
2017-07-01Gymnanthemum corymbosumvan Munster (SANBI), Stephany; Magee (SANBI), Anthony R.
2017-07-11Inclusion of Ihlenfeldtia and Odontophorus in Cheiridopsis (Ruschioideae: Aizoaceae) and insights into generic and subgeneric circumscription in the Conophytum cladePowell (SANBI), Robyn F.; Boatwright, James S.; Klak, Cornelia; Magee (SANBI), Anthony R.
2020-03-21Othonna cerarioides (Asteraceae: Othonnineae), a new species from Namaqualand, South AfricaMagoswana (SANBI), S. Luvo; Boatwright, J. Stephen; Magee (SANBI), Anthony R.; Manning (SANBI), John C.
2017-07-24Othonna sonchifolia L. is an earlier name for Senecio cymbalarifolius L. (Asteraceae: Senecioneae)Magoswana (SANBI), Luvo; Manning (SANBI), John C.; Magee (SANBI), Anthony R.; Boatwright, James S.
2016-06The phylogenetic significance of fruit structural variation in the tribe Heteromorpheae (Apiaceae)Liu, Mei; Van Wyk, B-E.; Tilney, Patricia; Magee (SANBI), Anthony R.
2016-06A refined circumscription of Notobubon striatum and the resurrection of Dregea collina Ecklon & Zeyher (Apiaceae, Apioideae)Magee (SANBI), Anthony R.; Curtis, Odette E.; Van Wyk, B-E.
2017-08-24A taxonomic revision of the Pteronia camphorata group (Astereae, Asteraceae)Bello (SANBI), Anifat O.; Boatwright, James S.; Tilney, P.M.; van der Bank, M.; Magee (SANBI), Anthony R.
2017-07-22Transfer of Madagascan species of Gnidia L. to Lasiosiphon Fresen. (Thymelaeaceae: Thymelaeoideae)Boatwright, James S.; van der Bank, M.; Magee (SANBI), Anthony R.; Manning (SANBI), John C.
2010Two new species of Asteraceae (tribe Anthemideae, subtribe Pentziinae) from the Cape Floristic Region of South Africa.Magee (SANBI), Anthony R.; Manning (SANBI), John C.
2016Volatile constituents of Notobubon and Nanobubon (Apiaceae, tribe Tordylieae)Sobiyi, Oluwakemi K.; Kamatou, Guy P. P.; Viljoen, Alvaro M.; Magee (SANBI), Anthony R.; Van Wyk, Ben-Erik