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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-05-01Bothalia 42,1Manning (SANBI), J.C.; Steenkamp (SANBI), Y.
2012-05-01Bothalia 42,1Manning (SANBI), J.C.; Steenkamp (SANBI), Y.
2012-05-01Bothalia 42,1 - ContentsManning (SANBI), J.C.; Steenkamp (SANBI), Y.
2012-10-01Bothalia 42,2Manning (SANBI), J.C.; Steenkamp (SANBI), Y.
2012-10-01Bothalia 42,2Manning (SANBI), J.C.; Steenkamp (SANBI), Y.
2012-10-01Bothalia 42,2 - ContentsManning (SANBI), J.C.; Steenkamp (SANBI), Y.
2013-05-01Bothalia 43,1Manning (SANBI), J.C.; Steenkamp (SANBI), Y.
2013-05-01Bothalia 43,1 - ContentManning (SANBI), J.C.; Steenkamp (SANBI), Y.
2013-10-01Bothalia 43,2Manning (SANBI), J.C.; Steenkamp (SANBI), Y.
2013-10-01Bothalia 43,2 - ContentsManning (SANBI), J.C.; Steenkamp (SANBI), Y.
2017-05Chlorophytum asperum (Agavaceae), a new species from Northern Cape, South AfricaManning (SANBI), J.C.
2021-10-12Chlorophytum boomense (Agavaceae) is a synonym of C. namaquense from southern Namibia and the Northern Cape, South AfricaManning (SANBI), J.C.; Van Wyk, P.C.
2021-09-10Clarification of the confusion surrounding the generic name Bryomorphe Harv. (Asteraceae: Gnaphalieae), and the new genus Muscosomorphe J.C.ManningManning (SANBI), J.C.; Govaerts, R.
2017-05Codonorhiza azureaGoldblatt, P.; Manning (SANBI), J.C.
2020-07-16The correct author citation for Jacquin’s names in Drimia (Hyacinthaceae: Urgineoideae) and Eriospermum (Ruscaceae)Manning (SANBI), J.C.
2021-09-10The correct author citation for taxa in Strumaria and changes to subgenera in Strumaria and Hessea (Amaryllidaceae: Amaryllideae), with a synopsis of the actinomorphicflowered genera of subtribe StrumariinaeSnijman (SANBI), D.A.; Manning (SANBI), J.C.
2019-01-15A cytotaxonomic revision of Drimia Jacq. (Hyacinthaceae: Urgineoideae) in IndiaYadav, P.B.; Manning (SANBI), J.C.; Yadav, S.R.; Lekhak, M.M.
2017Felicia douglasii (Asteraceae-Astereae), a distinctive new species fromthe Cape Floristic Region, South AfricaManning (SANBI), J.C.; Boatwright, J.S.; Magee (SANBI), A.R.
2004First field guide to fynbos of southern AfricaManning (SANBI), J.C.
2022-11-23Flame-lilies and Christmas Bells: the genera Gloriosa L. and Sandersonia Hook. (Colchicaceae: Colchiceae) in southern AfricaManning (SANBI), J.C.; Ebrahim (SANBI), I.