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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-03-14An assessment of different beekeeping practices in South Africa based on their needs (bee forage use), services (pollination services) and threats (hive theft and vandalism)Veldtman (SANBI), Ruan; Masehela (SANBI), Tlou
2019-07-27Biotechnology offers effective options for mitigating climate changeMasehela (SANBI), Tlou
2020-05-31A closer look at South Africa’s agricultural crop pollination – a beekeeping perspectiveMasehela (SANBI), Tlou
2020-05-20Diversity of non-crop plants and arthropods in soybean agroecosystems in South Africavan den Berg, Johnnie; Siebert, Stefan; Masehela (SANBI), Tlou; Janse van Rensburg, Paul, D
2020-11-02Diversity patterns of plants and arthropods in soybean agroecosystems in the grassland biome of South AfricaJanse van Rensburg (SANBI), Paul Duvel; Siebert, Stefan John; Masehela (SANBI), Tlou; Ellis, Suria; Van Den Berg, Johnnie
2019-07-01Honey bee forage (nutrition) in Limpopo and Mpumalanga: what matters for the bees?Masehela (SANBI), Tlou
2019-11-25Hover fliesMasehela (SANBI), Tlou
2019-01-09Managed bees versus wild bees? It’s not that simple in South AfricaMasehela (SANBI), Tlou
2021-04-01Provisioning apiaries with wild swarms in South Africa: time to think about sustainabilityMasehela (SANBI), Tlou; Human, Hannelie
2020-05-15Securing forage resources for indigenous managed honey bees – thoughts from South AfricaMasehela (SANBI), Tlou; Poole (SANBI), Carol; Veldtman (SANBI), Ruan
2021-05-31Weed profiling fields of herbicide tolerant maize in the Mthatha region, Eastern Cape ProvinceMasehela (SANBI), Tlou; Siebert, Stefan; Kwinda, Murendeni
2021-08-30What honeybees in South Africa need from people: better managed forageMasehela (SANBI), Tlou