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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010A review of phytoplankton dynamics in tropical African lakes.Ndebele-Murisa, M R; Musil, C F; Raitt, L
2012Diurnal stem diameter variations show CAM and C3 photosynthetic modes and CAM-C3 switches in arid South African succulent shrubs.Matimati, I; Musil, C F; February, E C; Raitt, L
2009Effects of climate warming on the distributions of invasive Eurasian annual grasses—a southern African perspective.Parker-Allie, F; Musil, C F; Thuiller, W
2007Effects of elevated UV-B radiation on seed yield of Glycine max and an assessment of F1 generation progenies for carryover effects.Chimphango, S B M; Brown, C; Musil, C F; Dakora, F D
2013Frugivorous birds visit fruits of emerging alien shrub species more frequently than those of native shrub species in the South African Mediterranean climate region.Mokotjomela, T M; Musil, C F; Esler, K J
2007Invasive alien flora and fauna in South Africa: expertise and bibliography.Musil, C F; Mcdonald, I A W
2005Lethal effects of experimental warming approximating a future climate scenario on southern African quartz-field succulents: a pilot study.Musil, C F; Schmiedel, U; Midgley, G F
2009Mechanisms of photosynthetic and growth inhibition of a southern African geophyte by an invasive European annual grass. Environmental and Experimental Botany 66: 38–45.Musil, C F; Arnolds, J L; Van Heerden, P D R; Kgope, B
2009Mild experimental climate warming induces metabolic impairment and massive mortalities in southern African quartz field succulents.Musil, C F; Van Heerden, P D R; Cilliers, C D; Schmeidel, U
2012Non-rainfall moisture interception by dwarf succulents and their relative abundance in an inland arid South African ecosystem.Matimati, I; Musil, C F; Raitt, L; February, E
2012Phytoplankton biomass and primary production dynamics in Lake Kariba.Ndebele-Murisa, M R; Musil, C F; Raitt, L M
2007Potential effects of prolonged ultraviolet radiation exposure in plants: chloroplast DNA analysis.Mpoloka, S W; Abratt, V A; Mundree, S G; Thompson, J A; Musil, C F
2005The threat of alien invasive grasses to lowland Cape floral diversity: an empirical appraisal of the effectiveness of practical control strategies.Musil, C F; Milton, S J; Davis, G W