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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Absorptive capacity as a guiding concept for effective public sector management and conservation of freshwater ecosystems.Murray, K; Roux, D J; Nel, J L; Driver, A; Freimund, W
2007Alien plant invasions—incorporating emerging invaders in regional prioritization: a pragmatic approach for southern Africa.Mgidi, T N; Le Maitre, D C; Schonegevel, L; Nel, J L; Rouget, M; Richardson, D M
2011Atlas of freshwater ecosystem priority areas in South Africa.Nel, J L; Driver, A; Strydom, W F; Maherry, A; Petersen, C; Hill, L; Roux, D J; Nienaber, S; Van Deventer, H; Swartz, S; Smith-Adao, L B
2011From scorecard to social learning: a reflective coassessment approach for promoting multiagency cooperation in natural resource management.Roux, D J; Murray, K; Nel, J L; Hill, L; Roux, H; Driver, A
2011Implementation manual for freshwater ecosystem priority areas. report to the water research commission.Driver, A; Nel, J L; Snaddon, K; Murray, K; Roux, D J; Hill, L; Swartz, E R; Manuel, J; Funke, N
2007Improving the Key Biodiversity Areas approach for effective conservation planning.Knight, A T; Smith, R J; Cowling, R M; Desmet, P G; Faith, D P; Ferrier, S; Gelderblom, C M; Grantham, H; Lombard, A T; Maze, K; Nel, J L; Parrish, J D; Pence, G Q K; Possingham, H P; Reyers, B; Rouget, M; Roux, D; Wilson, K A
2007Invasive alien plants and South African rivers: a proposed approach to the prioritization of control operations.Van Wilgen, B W; Nel, J L; Rouget, M
2004Mapping the potential ranges of major plant invaders in South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland using climatic suitability.Rouget, M; Richardson, D M; Nel, J L; Le Maitre, D C; Egoh, B; Mgidi, T
2012National Biodiversity Assessment 2011: An assessment of South Africa’s biodiversity and ecosystems.Driver, A; Sink, K J; Nel, J L; Holness, S; Van Niekerk, L; Daniels, F; Jonas, Z; Majiedt, P A; Harris, L; Maze, K
2012National Biodiversity Assessment 2011: Technical Report. Volume 2: Freshwater Component. CSIR Report Number CSIR/NRE/ECO/IR/2012/0022/A. Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Stellenbosch.Nel, J L; Driver, A
2007Rivers in peril inside and outside protected areas: a systematic approach to conservation assessment of river ecosystems.Nel, J L; Roux, D J; Maree, G; Kleynhans, C J; Moolman, J; Reyers, B; Rouget, M; Cowling, R M
2011Technical report for the national freshwater ecosystem priority areas project. Report to the water research commission.Nel, J L; Murray, K M; Maherry, A M; Petersen, C P; Roux, D J; Driver, A; Hill, L; Van Deventer, H; Funke, N; Swartz, E R; Smith-Adao, L B; Mbona, N; Downsborough, L; Nienaber, S