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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004A new combination in Lastreopsis (Pteridophyta: Tectariaceae) from Madagascar.Roux, J P
2004A re-evaluation of the Dryopteris fadenii (Pteropsida: Dryopteridaceae) complex, with the new species D. rodolfii.Roux, J P
2012A revision of the fern genus Dryopteris (Dryopteridaceae) in sub-Saharan Africa.Roux, J P
2006An annotated checklist of the pteridophyte ?ora of Angola.Roux, J P
2007Another Aussie settles at the Cape.Roux, J P
2008Aponogeton fugax, a new species endemic to the Cape Floral Region, South Africa (Aponogetonaceae).Manning, J C; Goldblatt, P; Sieben, E J J; Roux, J P
2007Dryopteridaceae.Roux, J P; Shaffer-Fehre, M; Verdcourt, B
2004Dryopteris gorgonea (Pteridophyta: Pteropsida: Dryopteridaceae), a new species from the Cape Verde Islands.Roux, J P
2004Dryopteris Jilipaleata (Pteridophyta: Pteropsida: Dryopteridaceae), a new species from tropical east Africa.Roux, J P
2005Ferns.Roux, J P
2009Isoetes eludens (Isoetaceae), a new endemic species from the Kamiesberg, Northern Cape, South Africa.Roux, J P; Hopper, S D; Smith, R J
2005New species in the fern genus Dryopteris (Dryopteridaceae) from the islands in the Gulf of Guinea (West Africa).Roux, J P
2009Otto Kuntze’s lycopods and fern collections from South AfricaRoux, J P
2006Pteridophyta.Roux, J P
2008Selaginella nubigena, a new species from the Drakensberg, South Africa.Roux, J P
2011The fern genera Dryopteris and Nothoperanema (Dryopteridaceae) in Madagascar and neighbouring Indian Ocean islands, including Saint Paul.Roux, J P
2010The fern genus Elaphoglossum section Lepidoglossa (Dryopteridaceae) in Africa, Macaronesia, the mid-Atlantic, and southern Indian Ocean Islands.Roux, J P
2005The fern genus Polystichum (Pteropsida: Dryopteridaceae) in Macaronesia.Roux, J P
2011The genus Cyrtomium (Pteridophyta: Dryopteridaceae) in Africa and Madagascar.Roux, J P
2004Three new species of Dryopteris (Pteropsida: Dryopteridaceae) from West Africa.Roux, J P