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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Changes in shallow‑reef community composition along environmental gradients on the East African coastPorter, Sean; Branch, George; Sink (SANBI), Kerry
2016Defining seascapes for marine unconsolidated shelf sediments in an eastern boundary upwelling region: The southern Benguela as a case studyKarenyi, Natasha; Sink (SANBI), Kerry; Nel, Ronel
2016-12Environmental Impacts of the Deep-Water Oil and Gas Industry: A Review to Guide Management StrategiesCordes, Erik E.; Jones, Daniel O.B.; Schlacher, Thomas A.; Amon, Diva J.; Bernardino, Angelo F.; Brooke, Sandra; Carney, Robert; DeLeo, Danielle M.; Dunlop, Katherine M.; Escobar-Briones, Elva G.; Gates, Andrew R.; Génio, Luciana; Gobin, Judith; Henry, Lea-Anne; Herrera, Santiago; Hoyt, Sarah; Kark, Salit; Joye, Mandy; Mestre, Nélia C.; Metaxas, Anna; Pfeifer, Simone; Sink (SANBI), Kerry; Sweetman, Andrew K.; Witte, Ursula
2018-05Field Guide to the Offshore Marine Invertebrates of South AfricaAtkinson, Lara; Sink (SANBI), Kerry
2018-10-01Imperfect detection distorts depth-related trends in marine macrofaunal species richnessKarenyi, Natasha; Sink (SANBI), Kerry; Nel, Ronel; Clark, Alan; Altwegg, Res
2016-12Incorporating species detectability into conservation targets based on the species–area relationshipKarenyi (SANBI), Natasha; Nel, Ronel; Altwegg, Res; Sink (SANBI), Kerry
2019-03-27Key challenges in advancing an ecosystem-based approach to marine spatial planning under economic growth imperativesLombard, Amanda; Dorrington, Rosemary; Reed, Jodie; Ortega-Cisneros, Kelly; Penry, Gwenith; Pichegru, Lorien; Smit, Kaylee; Vermeulen, Estee; Witteveen, Minke; Sink (SANBI), Kerry; McInnes, Alistair; Ginsburg, Tayla
2016-12The Marine Protected Areas debate: Implications for the proposed Phakisa Marine Protected Areas NetworkSink (SANBI), Kerry
2019-09-24NBA 2018 Estuarine Ecosystem Threat status & Protection levelVan Niekerk, Lara; Skowno (SANBI), Andrew; Lambert, Stephen J.; Turpie, Jane K.; MacKay, Fiona C.; Sink (SANBI), Kerry; Adams, J.
2016-12Notes on a remotely operated vehicle survey to describe reef ichthyofauna and habitats – Agulhas Bank, South AfricaMakwela (SANBI), Mapula S.; Kerwath, Sven E.; Götz, Albrecht; Sink (SANBI), Kerry; Samaai, Toufiek; Wilke, Christopher G.
2017Pelagic bioregionalisation using open-access data for better planning of marine protected area networksLeslie, Roberson; Lagabrielle, Erwann; Lombard, Amanda; Sink (SANBI), Kerry; Livingstone, Tamsyn; Grantham, Hedley; Harris, Jean
2019-06-04Practical actions for applied systematic conservation planningBotts, Emily A.; Pence, Genevieve; Holness, Stephen; Sink (SANBI), Kerry; Skowno (SANBI), Andrew L.; Driver (SANBI), Amanda; Harris, Linda R; Desmet, Philip G.; Escott, Boyd; Lotter, Mervyn; Nel, Jeanne L.; Smith (SANBI), Tammy; Daniels (SANBI), Fahiema; Sinclair, Samuel; Stewart, Warrick; Manuel (SANBI), Jeffrey
2017Raising the flag on marine alien fouling speciesPeters, Koebraa; Sink (SANBI), Kerry; Robinson, Tamara
2018-07-21Reconstructing the past: design and function of Granton otter trawl gear at the turn of the twentieth century, as used in South Africa’s first trawl surveys (1897–1904)Currie (SANBI), Jock; Sink (SANBI), Kerry; Attwood, Colin; Atkinson, Lara; Engelhard, Georg
2018-09-20Sampling methods and approaches to inform standardized detection of marine alien fouling species on recreational vesselsPeters, Koebraa; Sink (SANBI), Kerry; Robinson, Tamara
2017Sand-mediated divergence between shallow reef communities on horizontal and vertical substrata in the western Indian OceanPorter, Sean; Branch, George; Sink (SANBI), Kerry
2018-01-10The sustainable seafood movement viewed as a maturing social-ecological issue using a South African case-studyBarendse, Jaco; Basson, Janine; Petersen, Samantha; Sink (SANBI), Kerry
2019-02Systematic Conservation Planning as a Tool to Advance Ecologically or Biologically Significant Areas and Marine Spatial PlanningHarris, Linda R; Holness, Stephen; Finke, Gunnar; Kirkman, Stephen; Sink (SANBI), Kerry