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2009A comparison and conservation assessment of the high-altitude grassland and forest-millipede (Diplopoda) fauna of the South African Drakensberg.Hamer, M; Slotow, R
2009A new species of Bicoxidens Attems, 1928 (Diplopoda, Spirostreptida, Spirostreptidae) from northern Zimbabwe.Mwabvu, T; Hamer, M; Slotow, R
2009A review of the taxonomy and distribution of Plagiotaphrus Attems 1914 (Diplopoda, Spirostreptida, Spirostreptidae).Mwabvu, T; Hamer, M; Slotow, R; Barraclough, D
2009A revision of the taxonomy and distribution of Spirostreptus Brandt 1833 (Diplopoda, Spirostreptida, Spirostreptidae) with descriptions of a new species and a new genus of spirostreptid millipede.Mwabvu, T; Hamer, M; Slotow, R; Barraclough, D
2009An assessment of the use of volunteers for terrestrial invertebrate biodiversity surveys.Lovell, S; Hamer, M L; Slotow, R; Herbert, D
2016-04-13The challenges and opportunities in conserving wide-ranging cross-border species: A case study of the Greater Mapungubwe Transfrontier Conservation Area elephant populationSlotow, R; Di Minin, E; Page, B.R.; Selier (SANBI), Sarah-Anne Jeanetta
2018-11-22Editorial: Management of African elephant populations in small fenced areas: Current practices, constraints and recommendationsSelier (SANBI), S.A.J; Slotow, R; Balfour, D
2009Turnover in flightless invertebrate species composition over different spatial scales in Afrotemperate forest in the Drakensberg, South Africa.Uys, C; Hamer, M; Slotow, R