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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005(2003-2004). Threatened Amaryllidaceae of South Africa.Snijman, D A; Victor, J
2009A new species of Drimia (Urgineoideae) from the Knersvlakte, Western Cape, South Africa.Snijman, D A; Harrower, A D
2005A new species of Namaquanula (Amaryllidaceae: Amaryllideae) from Namibia with notes on the genus.Snijman, D A
2012A revision of the Brunsvigia radula-group (Amaryllidaceae: Amaryllideae) of species in South Africa, including the description of Brunsvigia gariepensis a new species from Bushmanland in Northern Cape.Snijman, D A
2006Amaryllidaceae.Snijman, D A; Archer, R H
2004Amazing amaryllids: Specialised but high risk lifestyles.Snijman, D A
2011Ammocharis deserticola (Amaryllideae), a new species from Namibia and a key to species of the genus.Snijman, D A; Kolberg, H
2006An overview of the Cape geophytes.Proches, S; Cowling, R M; Goldblatt, P; Manning, J C; Snijman, D A
2010Colchicum albofenestratum, a new species from Namaqualand, South Africa.Snijman, D A; Manning, J C
2010Floral and macroecological evolution within Cyrtanthus (Amaryllidaceae): inferences from combined analyses of plastid ndhF and nrDNA ITS sequences.Snijman, D A; Meerow, A W
2005Haemanthus nortieri (Amaryllidaceae).Snijman, D A; Duncan, G D; Thomas, V
2006Hypoxidaceae.Snijman, D A; Singh, Y
2011Maireana brevifolia (Chenopodiaceae: Camphorosmeae), a new naturalized alien plant species in South Africa.Mucina, L; Snijman, D A
2011Molecular phylogenetics of Hypoxidaceae—evidence from plastid DNA data and inferences on morphology and biogeography.Kocyan, A; Snijman, D A; Forest, F; Devey, D S; Freudenstein, J V; Wiland-Szyman´ska, J; Chase, M W; Rudall, P J
2007Nerine pudica.Snijman, D A; Manning, J C; Batten, A
2007Notes on new and misunderstood taxa of Cyrtanthus (Amaryllidaceae: Cyrtantheae) from the Western Cape, Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.Snijman, D A
2009-04Origin and diversification of the Greater Cape flora: Ancient species repository, hot-bed of recent radiation, or both?Verboom, G A; Archibald, J K; Bakker, F T; Bellstedt, D U; Conrad (SANBI), F; Dreyer, L L; Forest, F; Galley, C; Goldblatt, P; Henning, J F; Mummenhoff, K; Linder, H P; Muasya, A M; Oberlander, K C; Savolainen, V; Snijman, D A; van der Niet, T; Nowell, T L
2011Ornithoglossum pulchrum (Colchicaceae: Colchiceae), a new species from southern Namibia.Snijman, D A; Nordenstam, B; Mannheimer, C
2008Pauridia: small but not insignificant.Snijman, D A
2007Proposal to conserve the name Amaryllidaceae against Alliaceae, a ‘superconservation’ proposal.Meerow, A W; Reveal, J L; Snijman, D A; Dutilh, J H