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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Abstract: A guide to plant families of southern Africa.Koekemoer, M.; Steyn, H.M.; Bester, S.P.
2008Abstract: National Plant Collecting Programme: Is it worth the trouble? Progress on collection in Tankwa Karoo and Namaqua National Parks.Bester, S.P.; Steyn, H.M.; Koekemoer, M.
2011Barleria macrostegia Nees.Steyn, H.M.; Condy, G
2004Colpias mollis E.Mey. ex Benth. (Scrophulariaceae).Steyn, H.M.
2011Endophytic bacteria in toxic South African Plants: identification, phylogeny and possible involvement in gousiekte.Verstraete, B; Van Elst, D; Steyn, H.M.; Van Wyk, A.E.; Lemaire, B; Smets, E; Dessein, S
2010Gardenia volkensii (Rubiaceae).Steyn, H.M.
2004Klipblom: plant of the granite boulders.Steyn, H.M.
2009Lachenalia framesii W.F.Barker (Hyacinthaceae)Steyn, H.M.
2009Lachenalia valeriae G.D.Duncan (Hyacinthaceae)Steyn, H.M.
2010Moraea tanquana Goldblatt & J.C.Manning: new species from an arid area.Steyn, H.M.
2012Notes on African plants. Rubiaceae. Taxonomic notes on Sericanthe andongensis and a new combination and status in Sericanthe from Limpopo, South Africa.Jordaan, M.; Steyn, H.M.
2005PRECIS.pc National Herbarium, Pretoria (PRE) Computerised Information System Specimen database user guide.Arnold, T.H.; Steyn, H.M.
2011Scrophulariaceae; Anticharis juncea, an overlooked record for South Africa, with notes on its type localities and flower morphology.Steyn, H.M.
2018A taxonomic revision of the genus Acanthopsis (Acanthaceae)Van Wyk, Abraham E.; Steyn, H.M.
2012Veldkos from the Sandveld.Steyn, H.M.
2012Wat’s te ete? Veldkos uit die Sandveld.Steyn, H.M.
2004Why the early bird won't see the daisies.Steyn, H.M.