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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-12Analysis of genetic diversity in Rose’s mountain toadlet (Capensibufo rosei) using novel microsatellite markersda Silva (SANBI), Jessica M.; Feldheim, Kevin A.; Daniels (SANBI), Ryan J.; Edwards (SANBI), Shelley; Tolley (SANBI), Krystal A.
2020-02-07Another Angolan Namib endemic species: a new Nucras Gray, 1838 (Squamata: Lacertidae) from south-western AngolaBranch, William R.; Conradie, Werner; Vaz Pinto, Pedro; Tolley (SANBI), Krystal A.
2016-06Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis Survey of Amphibians in the Northern Mozambique “Sky Islands” and Low-lying AreasConradie, Werner; Bittencourt-Silva, Gabriela B.; Loader, Simon P.; Menegon, Michele; Nanvonamuquitxo, Cristovao; Kotze, Antoinette; Dalton, Desire L.; Engelbrecht, Hanlie M.; Tolley (SANBI), Krystal A.
2016-03Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis Survey of Amphibians in the Northern Mozambique “Sky Islands” and Low-lying AreasConradie, W.; Bittencourt-silva, G.B.; Loader, S.P.; Menegon, M.; Nanvonamuquitxo, C.; Kotze, A.; Dalton, D.L.; Tolley (SANBI), Krystal A.; Engelbrecht(SANBI), Hanlie M.
2020-08Cham-Aliens: Present and Historical Translocations of Chameleons (Bradypodion)Tolley (SANBI), Krystal A.
2018-09-29Conservation genetics of an endemic and threatened amphibian (Capensibufo rosei): a leap towards establishing a genetic monitoring frameworkda Silva (SANBI), Jessica M.; Tolley (SANBI), Krystal A.
2016-12Conservation status and threats for African reptilesTolley (SANBI), Krystal A.; Alexander, Graham J.; Branch, William R.; Bowles, Philip; Maritz, Bryan
2018-01-10Cryptic diversity in Rhampholeon boulengeri (Sauria: Chamaeleonidae), a pygmy chameleon from the Albertine Rift biodiversity hotspotHughes, Daniel F.; Tolley (SANBI), Krystal A.; Behangana, M.; Lukwago, W.; Menegon, Michele; Dehling, J.M.; Stipala, Jan; Tilbury, Colin R.; Kahn, A.M.; Kusamba, Chifundera; Greenbaum, Eli
2018-05-24Cryptic diversity in the common flap-necked chameleon Chamaeleo dilepis in South AfricaMain, Devon; van Vuuren, Bettine Jansen; Tolley (SANBI), Krystal A.
2019-01-15Diversifying into the branches: Species boundaries in African green and bush snakes, Philothamnus (Serpentes: Colubridae)Engelbrecht (SANBI), Hanlie M.; Branch, William R.; Greenbaum, Eli; Alexander, Graham J.; Jackson, Kate; Burger, Marius; Conradie, Werner; Kusamba, Chifundera; Zassi-Boulou, Ange-Ghislain; Tolley (SANBI), Krystal A.
2016-12Diving in head first: trade-offs between phenotypic traits and sand-diving predator escape strategy in Meroles desert lizardsEdwards (SANBI), Shelley; Herrel, Anthony; Vanhooydonck, Bieke; Measey, GJ.; Tolley (SANBI), Krystal A.
2017-03Does diet drive the evolution of head shape and bite force in chameleons of the genus Bradypodion?Dollion, Alexis Y.; Measey, G. John; Cornette, Raphael; Carne, Liza; Tolley (SANBI), Krystal A.; da Silva (SANBI, Jessica M.; Boistel, Renaud; Fabre, Anne-Claire; Herrel, Anthony
2015-09The effects of substratum on locomotor performance in lacertid lizardsVanhooydonck, B.; Measey, J.; Edwards (SANBI), S.; Makhubo, B.; Tolley (SANBI), Krystal A.; Herrel, A.
2016-09-26Exploration into the hidden world of Mozambique’s sky island forests: new discoveries of reptiles and amphibiansConradie, Werner; Bittencourt-Silva, Gabriela B.; Engelbrecht (SANBI), Hanlie M.; Loader, Simon P.; Menegon, Michele; Nanvonamuquitxo, Cristóvão; Scott, Michael; Tolley (SANBI), Krystal A.
2018-01-10Extreme climate-induced life-history plasticity in an amphibianBecker (SANBI), Francois S.; Tolley (SANBI), Krystal A.; Measey, G. John; Altwegg, Res
2019-09-01Genetic structure associated with habitat diversification supports the independent evolution of ecomorphs in Bradypodion pumilumTolley (SANBI), Krystal A.; Hopkins (SANBI), Kevin P.; da Silva (SANBI), Jessica M.
2017-07-01Habitat characteristics influence the breeding of Rose’s dwarf mountain toadlet Capensibufo rosei (Anura: Bufonidae).Edwards (SANBI), Shelley; Tolley (SANBI), Krystal A.; Measey, G. John
2018-02New species of Mongrel Frogs (Pyxicephalidae: Nothophryne) for northern Mozambique inselbergsConradie, Werner; Bittencourt-Silva, Gabriela B.; Farooq, Harith M.; Loader, Simon P.; Tolley (SANBI), Krystal A.
2019-10-01A new species of Uroplatus (Gekkonidae) from Ankarana National Park, Madagascar, of remarkably high genetic divergence.Ratsoavina, F.M.; Scherz, M.D.; Tolley (SANBI), Krystal A.; Raselimanana, A.P.; Glaw, F.; Vences, M.
2019-02-25No safe haven: Protection levels show imperilled South African reptiles not sufficiently safe-guarded despite low average extinction riskTolley (SANBI), Krystal A.; Weeber (SANBI), Joshua; Maritz, Bryan; Verburgt, Luke; Bates, Michael F.; Conradie, Werner; Hofmeyr, Margaretha D.; Turner, Andrew A.; da Silva, Jessica M.; Alexander, Graham J.