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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-08African Herp NewsTolley (SANBI), Krystal A.
2020-12African Herp NewsTolley (SANBI), Krystal A.; Rebelo, Alex
2020-08African Herp NewsTolley (SANBI), Krystal A.
2021-05African Herp NewsTolley (SANBI), Krystal A.
2016-12Analysis of genetic diversity in Rose’s mountain toadlet (Capensibufo rosei) using novel microsatellite markersda Silva (SANBI), Jessica M.; Feldheim, Kevin A.; Daniels (SANBI), Ryan J.; Edwards (SANBI), Shelley; Tolley (SANBI), Krystal A.
2022-09-01The Angolan bushveld lizards, genus Heliobolus Fitzinger, 1843 (Squamata: Lacertidae): Integrative taxonomy and the description of two new speciesMarques, Mariana P.; Ceríaco, Luis MP; Heinicke, Matthew P.; Chehouri, Rachal M.; Conradie, Werner; Tolley (SANBI), Krystal A.; Bauer, Aaron M.
2020-02-07Another Angolan Namib endemic species: a new Nucras Gray, 1838 (Squamata: Lacertidae) from south-western AngolaBranch, William R.; Conradie, Werner; Vaz Pinto, Pedro; Tolley (SANBI), Krystal A.
2022-07-06Application of a trait-based climate change vulnerability assessment to determine management priorities at protected area scaleHarper, Jack R. M.; van Wilgen, Nicola J.; Turner, Andrew A.; Tolley (SANBI), Krystal A.; Maritz, Bryan; Crusella-Trullas, Susana; da Silva (SANBI), Jessica M.; Cunningham, Susan J.; Cheney, Chad; de Villiers, Atherton L.; Measey, John; Foden, Wendy
2016-06Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis Survey of Amphibians in the Northern Mozambique “Sky Islands” and Low-lying AreasConradie, Werner; Bittencourt-Silva, Gabriela B.; Loader, Simon P.; Menegon, Michele; Nanvonamuquitxo, Cristovao; Kotze, Antoinette; Dalton, Desire L.; Engelbrecht, Hanlie M.; Tolley (SANBI), Krystal A.
2016-03Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis Survey of Amphibians in the Northern Mozambique “Sky Islands” and Low-lying AreasConradie, W.; Bittencourt-silva, G.B.; Loader, S.P.; Menegon, M.; Nanvonamuquitxo, C.; Kotze, A.; Dalton, D.L.; Tolley (SANBI), Krystal A.; Engelbrecht(SANBI), Hanlie M.
2021-10-01Burrowing in blindsnakes: A preliminary analysis of burrowing forces and consequences for the evolution of morphologyHerrel, Anthony; Lowie, Aurélien; Miralles, Aurélien; Gaucher, Philippe; Kley, Nathan J.; Measey, John; Tolley (SANBI), Krystal A.
2020-08Cham-Aliens: Present and Historical Translocations of Chameleons (Bradypodion)Tolley (SANBI), Krystal A.
2022-05-01Clinging to survival: Critically Endangered Chapman's pygmy chameleon Rhampholeon chapmanorum persists in shrinking forest patchesTolley (SANBI), Krystal A.; Tilbury, Colin R.; da Silva (SANBI), Jessica M.; Brown, Gary; Chapeta, Yankho; Anderson, Christopher A.
2018-09-29Conservation genetics of an endemic and threatened amphibian (Capensibufo rosei): a leap towards establishing a genetic monitoring frameworkda Silva (SANBI), Jessica M.; Tolley (SANBI), Krystal A.
2016-12Conservation status and threats for African reptilesTolley (SANBI), Krystal A.; Alexander, Graham J.; Branch, William R.; Bowles, Philip; Maritz, Bryan
2022-07-06Cryptic diversity and a Southern African origin for Chamaeleo, the most widespread chameleon genusMain, Devon, C.; Jansen van Vuuren, Bettine; Tilbury, Colin R.; Tolley (SANBI), Krystal A.
2022-12-01Cryptic diversity in pygmy chameleons (Chamaeleonidae: Rhampholeon) of the Eastern Arc Mountains of Tanzania, with description of six new speciesMenegon, Michele; Lyakurwa, John V.; Loader, Simon P.; Tolley (SANBI), Krystal A.
2018-01-10Cryptic diversity in Rhampholeon boulengeri (Sauria: Chamaeleonidae), a pygmy chameleon from the Albertine Rift biodiversity hotspotHughes, Daniel F.; Tolley (SANBI), Krystal A.; Behangana, M.; Lukwago, W.; Menegon, Michele; Dehling, J.M.; Stipala, Jan; Tilbury, Colin R.; Kahn, A.M.; Kusamba, Chifundera; Greenbaum, Eli
2018-05-24Cryptic diversity in the common flap-necked chameleon Chamaeleo dilepis in South AfricaMain, Devon; van Vuuren, Bettine Jansen; Tolley (SANBI), Krystal A.
2022-07-15A decade of genetic monitoring reveals increased inbreeding for the Endangered western leopard toad, Sclerophrys pantherinaStephens (SANBI), Kirsten; Tolley (SANBI), Krystal A.; da Silva (SANBI), Jessica M.