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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Aloe kouebokkeveldensis. A new species of Aloe endemic to the Cape fynbos.Low, B; Pond, U; Van Jaarsveld, E J
2004Aloe omavandae (Asphodelaceae), a new species from the Kaokoveld, northwestern Namibia.Van Jaarsveld, E J; Van Wyk, B
2004An unusual new species of Drosanthemum from Rooinek Pass in South Africa's Western Cape.Van Jaarsveld, E J; Hammer, S
2006Asphodelaceae (in part).Van Jaarsveld, E J
2006Cultivation of South African and Namibian cliff-dwelling succulents with pendent growth forms.Van Jaarsveld, E J
2012Indigenous beauties.Duncan, G D; Van Jaarsveld, E J
2005Kleinia venteri , a new succulent species from Limpopo Province.Van Jaarsveld, E J
2012Móét-hê: inheemse bolle en vetplante.Duncan, G D; Van Jaarsveld, E J
2006Nectar for the birds. Two species of Salvia join Salvia africana-lutea as the only three species in the ‘Old World’ to be exclusively pollinated by birds.Wester, P; Claßen-Bockhoff R; Van Jaarsveld, E J
2006Notes on Stoeberia arborea and its allies.Van Jaarsveld, E J
2006Othonna triplinervia; a neglected cliff dwelling beauty.Van Jaarsveld, E J
2005Plectranthus porcatus, a new species endemic to the Sekhukhuneland Centre of Plant Endemism, Limpopo Province, South Africa (Lamiaceae).Winter, P J D; Van Jaarsveld, E J
2006Plectranthus ramosior, new status for a variety of P. madagascariensis from Gauteng and Limpopo Provinces, South Africa.Van Jaarsveld, E J
2012Proudly South African.Duncan, G D; Van Jaarsveld, E J
2005Review: Gardening the Mediterranean way, by H. Gildemeister.Van Jaarsveld, E J
2005Succulent plants in copper.Van Jaarsveld, E J
2005Taxonomic implications of genome size for all species of the genus Gasteria Duval (Aloaceae).Zonneveld, B J M; Van Jaarsveld, E J
2004The burning mountain.Van Jaarsveld, E J; Voigt, W
2004The Kaoko and Ruacana petalidiums.Van Jaarsveld, E J
2007The remarkable Kaoko klipblom.Van Jaarsveld, E J