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21-05Assessing the extent and contribution of OECMs in South AfricaMarnewick, Daniel; Stevens, Candice M.D.; Jonas, Harry; Antrobus‐Wuth, Romy; Wilson, Natasha; Theron, Nicholas
1978A comparative behavioural study of prey capture , drinking and defence in the Scorpionidae and Buthidae.Schramm, Ellen; Lipschitz, Cheryl; Powrie, Leslie Ward
1979Determination of environmental conditions under which the best correlation exists between potometry, weight loss and lysimetry for estimating transpiration rates in plants.Powrie, Leslie Ward
1979Electron microscopic study of leaf tissue.Powrie, Leslie Ward
1986-05The Distribution of Free Amino Acids in Diastella Salisb. and Leucopsermum R.Br. and some other members of the ProteaceaePowrie, Leslie Ward
1987A floristic analysis of the Nieuwoudtville Wild Flower Reserve, north-western CapeSnijman, D; Perry, P
1988A phytosociological classification of the Witwatersrand National Botanic GardenBehr, C.M; Bredenkamp, G.J
1988An analysis of the flowering plants and ferns of the Witwatersrand National Botanic GardenBehr, C.M; Bredenkamp, G.J
1990-06-25A vegetation survey of the Karoo National Botanic Garden Reserve, WorcesterSmitheman, J; Perry, P
1992-06Betty’s Bay fire stimulates rich display of orchidsLiltved, W.R
1996-08SABONET News-
1996-12SABONET News-
1997-04SABONET News-
1997-08SABONET News-
1997-12SABONET News-
1998-04SABONET News-
1998-08SABONET News-
1998-09Flutter PathsSamways, M.J; Hatton, M.J
1998-11Inventory, evaluation and monitoring of botanical diversity in southern Africa: a regional capacity and institution building network (SABONET)Huntley, B.J.; Matos, E.M.; Aye, T.T.; Nermark, U.; Nagendran, C.R.; Seyani, J.H.; Da Silva, M.A.C.; Izidine, S.; Maggs, G.L.; Mannheimer, C.; Kubirske, R.; Smith (SANBI), G.F.; Koekemoer (SANBI), M.; Dlamini, G.M.; Phiri, P.S.M.; Nobanda, N.; Willis (SANBI), C.K.