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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Gasteria glauca van Jaarsv(Asphodelaceae)van Jaarsveld, E.
2012Gasteria pulchra (Aiton) Haw. (Asphodelaceae).van Jaarsveld, E.
2009Gasteria rawlinsonii Oberm(Asphodelaceae)van Jaarsveld, E.
2005Gasteria tukhelensis, a new species from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa (Asphodelaceae).Van Jaarsveld, E.J.; Van Wyk, A.E.
2010Gasteria vlokii van Jaarsv. (Aloaceae (or Asphodelaceae: Alooideae)).van Jaarsveld, E.
2006Gasteria.Van Jaarsveld (SANBI), E.J.; Klopper (SANBI), R.R.
2018-08-01Gastropods alien to South Africa cause severe environmental harm in their global alien ranges across habitatsKesner, David; Kumschick (SANBI), Sabrina
2016-04Gauteng CREWHankey, Andrew
2011Gazania krebsiana.Duncan, G D
2011Gazania lanata and G. splendidissima: two new species of Asteraceae (tribe Arctotideae) from the Greater Capensis, with an updated key for the genus.Magee, A R; Boatwright, J S; Mucina, L
2010Gazania rigens (L.) Gaertn. var. leucolaena (DC.) Roessler (Asteraceae).Herman, P.P.J.
2012Gazania splendidissima Mucina, Magee & Boatwr.Magee, A.R.
2011GBIF Africa regional meeting 13 and 14 September 2011.Hathorn, P.
2006Geissorhiza aspera Goldblatt (Iridaceae).Cowell, C.
2007Geissorhiza malmesburiensis: a species on the brink of extinction.Ebrahim, I
2011Geissorhiza monanthos.Duncan, G D
2008Geissorhiza radians (Thunb.) Goldblatt (Iridaceae).Shanks, G.
2011Geissorhiza radians.Duncan, G D
2010A generic classification of the Restioneae (Restionaceae),southern AfricaLinder, H.P; Hardy, C.R
2009Generic delimitations and relationships of the Cape genera Capnophyllum, Dasispermum and Sonderina, the North African Krubera and Stoibrax, and a new monotypic genus of the subfamily Apioideae (Apiaceae)Magee, A R; Van Wyk, B E; Tilney, P M; Downie, S R