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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-04-01The Mpumalanga Plant Specialist Group (PSG)Lotter, Mervyn
2007-12-01The Mpumalanga Plant Specialist Group (PSG) CREW work in 2007Lotter, Mervyn
2016Much more give than take: South Africa as a major donor but infrequent recipient of invasive non-native grassesVisser (SANBI), Vernon; Wilson (SANBI), John R.U.; Fish, Lyn; Brown, Carly; Cook, Garry D.; Richardson, David M.
2008Mulch ado about nothing.Rebelo, A G
2020-05-21A Multi-Scale, Participatory Approach to Developing a Protected Area Wetland Inventory in South AfricaJob (SANBI), Nancy; Roux, Dirk; Bezuidenhout, Hugo; Cole, Nicholas
2019-06-19Multi-sensor mapping of honey bee habitats and fragmentation in agro-ecological landscapes in Eastern KenyaOchungo (SANBI), Pamela; Veldtman (SANBI), Ruan; Abdel-Rahman, Elfathi; Raina, Suresh; Muli, Eliud; Landmann, Tobias
2008Multivariate DEMR model in quality control and reliability engineering modelling.Guo, R; Guo, D; Dunne, T; Cheng, C Y
2008Mundulea sericea (Willd.) A.Chev. (Fabaceae).Bester, S.P.; Grobler, A.
2007Muraltia heisteria (L.) DC. (Polygalaceae).Den hartigh, M.; Notten, A.
2018-04-01My CREW journeyMathenjwa (SANBI), Fezile
2017-04-01My CREW JourneyGordon, Mikhaila; Samoedin, Thaakira
2019-04-01My journey through the Kingdom of the Zulu with CREW KZN nodeMudzielwana, Lutendo
2020-06Mycobacterium bovis prevalence affects the performance of a commercial serological assay for bovine tuberculosis in African buffaloesvan der Heijden, Elisabeth M.D.L.; Cooper, David V.; Rutten, Victor P.M.G.; Michel, Anita L.
2006Myrsinaceae.Ngwenya, M A; Bredenkamp, C L
2005Myrsine africana L. (Myrsinaceae).van der Walt, L.
2006Myrtaceae.Glen, H F; Jordaan, M
2005Mystroxylon aethiopicum (Thunb.) Loes. (Celastraceae).Dlamini, M.D.
2017Mzansi's mountain hemlocks: The identities of Hilliard and Burtt's Conium species 3 and 4 (Apiaceae) and a revised key for the genus in sub-Saharan AfricaMagee (SANBI), A.R.; Clark, V.R.
2017-12Mzansi's Mystery Mountain Hemlocks: Insights from the Cape Midlands EscarpmentClark, R.; Magee (SANBI), A.; Barker, N.
2016'n Nuwe aalwyn in Boesmanland, Die Japie Kruger AalwynKlopper (SANBI), R.R.