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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Random fuzzy continuous-time Markov chains. In K. Kolowrocki, J. Soszynska & E. Zio,Guo, R.; Juwa, N.; Dunne, T.; Guo, (SANBI) D.
2010Random fuzzy continuous-time Markov jump processes.Guo, R; Guo, D; Dunne, T
2010Random fuzzy location-scale family with linear fuzzy location function.Guo, R; Zhao, R Q; Guo, D
2007Random Fuzzy Modelling on repairable system.Guo, R; Zhao, R Q; Guo, D; Dunne, T
2010Random fuzzy poisson data modeling.Guo, R.; Guo, (SANBI) D.; Thiart, C.; Cui, Y. H.
2009Random fuzzy Poisson processes. In K. Kolowrocki, J. Soszynska & E. Zio,Guo, R.; Juwa, N.; Guo, (SANBI) D.
2009Random fuzzy risk processes.Guo, R.; Jiang, T.; Guo, (SANBI) D.
2009Random fuzzy variable foundation for Grey differential equation modellingGuo, R; Guo, D
2018-10-19Range expansion processes in high elevation paper daisiesNicola, Bergh; Verboom, Tony; Beckerling, Klara
2010Range extension records from the southern Drakensberg, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa (Pteridophyta).Klopper (SANBI), R.R.; Bester (SANBI), S.P.; Smith (SANBI), G.F.
2010Range shift of South African Rediviva bee species under Climate Change impacts.Guo, (SANBI) D.; Kuhlmann, M.; Guo, R.; Veldtman, R.; Donaldson, (SANBI) J. S.; Midgley, (SANBI) G. F.
2005Rapanea melanophloeos (L.) Mez (Myrsinaceae).Xaba, A.
2004Raphia australis Oberm. & Strey (Arecaceae).Glen, H.F.
2007Raphionacme villicorona (Apocynaceae: Periplocoideae) a new species from the Sekhukhuneland Centre of Plant Endemism, South Africa.Venter, H J T; Winter, P J D; Verhoeven, R L; Archer, R H
2017-10-06Rapid prioritization of alien plants for eradication based on climatic suitability and eradication feasibilityRenterĂ­a (SANBI), Jorge L.; Rouget, Mathieu; Visser, Vernon
2007Rare and infrequent southern African grasses: assessing their conservation status and understanding their biology.Barker, N P; Fish, L
2011Rare Ceropegia found in Pretoria National Botanical Garden.Bester, S.P.
2006Rare plants discovered in Ratelrivier wetland.Von Witt, C G
2006Rare sightings and special search parties.Ebrahim, I
2006Rate of carbon sequestration at two thicket restoration sites in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.Mills, A J; Cowling, R M