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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007A changing climate is eroding the geographical range of the Namib Desert tree aloe through population declines and dispersal lags.Foden, W; Midgley, G F; Hughes, G; Bond, W J; Thuiller, W; Hoffman, M T; Kaleme, P; Underhill, L G; Rebelo, A G; Hannah, L
2006A checklist of South African plants.Germishuizen, G; Meyer, N L; Steenkamp, Y; Keith, M
2004A checklist of Zimbabwean bryophytes. (Scientific Editor: S.M. Perold).Manyanga, P; Perold, S M
2008A climate for life: meeting the global challengeMittermeier, R. A.; Totten, M.; Ledwith Pennypacker, L.; Boltz, F.; Prickett, G.; Midgley (SANBI), G. F.; Mittermeier, C. G.; Rodríguez, C. M.; Brooks, T.; Hannah, L.; Vitale, B.; Kormos, C.; Brandon, K.; Killeen, T.; Janson-Smith, T.; Handy, L.; Cardoso, Da Silva, J. M.; Seligma
2008A climate for life: meeting the global challengeHannah, L.; Araújo, M. B.; Midgley (SANBI), G. F.; Andelman, S.; Martinez-Meyer, E.; Pearson, R.; Williams, P.; Lovejoy, T. E.
2008A climate for life: meeting the global challengeJorgenson, M. T.; Midgley (SANBI), G. F.; Totten, M.
2008A climate for life: meeting the global challenge.Mittermeier, R. A.; Totten, M.; Ledwith Pennypacker, L.; Boltz, F.; Mittermeier, C. G.; Midgley (SANBI), G. F.; Rodríguez, C. M.; Prickett, G.; Gascon, C.; Seligmann, P. A.; Langrand, O.
2009A comparison and conservation assessment of the high-altitude grassland and forest-millipede (Diplopoda) fauna of the South African Drakensberg.Hamer, M; Slotow, R
2011A conspectus of Combretum (Combretaceae) in southern Africa, with taxonomic and nomenclatural notes on species and sections.Jordaan, M.; Van Wyk, A.E.; Maurin, O.
2010A critically endangered new species of yam (Dioscorea strydomiana Wilkin, Dioscoreaceae) from Mpumalanga, South Africa.Wilkin, P; Burrows, J; Burrows, S; Muasya, A M; Van Wyk, E
2009A diverse diet without dominant prey: local and seasonal absence of highly pro?table food resources for opportunistic black-backed jackals?Do Linh San, E; Malongwe, N B; Somers, M J; Walters, M
2009-08-04A DNA barcode for land plantsHollingsworth, M; Forrest, L L; Spouge, J L; Hajibabaei, M; Ratnasingham, S; Van Der Bank, M; Chase, M W; Cowan, R S; Erickson, D L; Fazekas, A J; Graham, S W; James, K E; Kim, K-J; Kress, W J; Schneider, H; Van Alphenstahl, J; Barrett, S C H; Van Den Berg, C; Bogarin, D; Burgess, K S; Cameron, K M; Carine, M; Chacón, J; Clark, A; Clarkson, J J; Conrad (SANBI), F; Devey, D S; Ford, C S; Hedderson, T A J; Hollingsworth, M L; Husband, B C; Kelly, L J; Kesanakurti, P R; Kim, J S; Kim, Y-D; Lahaye, R; Lee, H-L; Long, D G; Madriñán, S; Maurin, O; Meusnier, I; Newmaster, S G; Park, C-W; Percy, D M; Petersen, G; Richardson, J E; Salazar, G A; Savolainen,v; Seberg, O; Wilkinson, M J; Yi, D-K; Little, D P
2008A feast of colour and rare plants at the Garden Fair.Jodamus, N; Notten, A
2010A first record of a South African aloe, Aloe spectabilis, becoming naturalised elsewhere in the country.Klopper (SANBI), R.R.; Zietsman, P.C.; Du Preez, P.J.; Smith (SANBI), G.F.
2004A first record of Echium simplex in South Africa. (Boraginaceae).Smith (SANBI), G.F.; Van Wyk, A.E.; Steyn, E.M.A.; Retief, E.
2012A first record of Yucca aloifolia L. (Agavaceae/Asparagaceae) naturalized in South Africa with notes on its uses and reproductive biology.Smith, G.F.; Figueiredo, E.; Crouch (SANBI), N.R.
2005A fragrant garden.Van Der Walt, L
2006A framework for the scaled exploration of the determinants of savanna and grassland distribution: a challenge for the new generation of ecologists.Mills, A J; Rogers, K H; Stalmans, M; Witkowski, E T F
2004A frog-friendly garden,Hankey, A J
2011A Fundamental, eco-hydrological basis for niche segregation in plant communities.Araya, Y N; Silvertown, J; Gowing, D J; Mcconway, K J; Linder, P H; Midgley, G