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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-10-10Dassie (Procavia capensis (Pallas, 1766)).Khoza (SANBI), Thembile; Hamer (SANBI), Michelle
2006Data De?cient ?ags for use in the Red List of South African plants.Victor, J E
2004Dazzling ginger ·lilies.Duncan, G D
2009De Candolle’s Prodromus: the role of father and son in relation to names in Lobostemon (Boraginaceae) and typi?cation thereofBuys, M H; Nordenstam, B
2009DEAR linear dynamic quadratic control.Guo, R.; Forrest, J.; Guo, (SANBI) D.
2009DEAR model— the theoretical foundation.Guo, R; Guo, D; Dunne, T; Thiart, C
2008DEAR theory and applicability in system dynamics analysis.Guo, R.; Guo, (SANBI) D.
2009DEAR theory in system dynamic analysisGuo, R; Guo, D
2010Decision theory under general uncertainty.Cui, Y. H.; Guo, R.; Dunne, T.; Guo, (SANBI) D.
2018-10-01Decoding ice plants: challenges associated with barcoding and phylogenetics in the diverse succulent family AizoaceaePowell, Robyn Faye; Magee (SANBI), Anthony Richard; Boatwright, James Stephen
2008Deconstructing a controversial local range expansion: conservation biogeography of the Painted Reed Frog (Hyperrolius marmoratus) in South Africa.Tolley, K A; Davies, S J; Chown, S L
2016Defining seascapes for marine unconsolidated shelf sediments in an eastern boundary upwelling region: The southern Benguela as a case studyKarenyi, Natasha; Sink (SANBI), Kerry; Nel, Ronel
2015-09Delayed biodiversity change: no time to wasteEssl, F; Dullinger, S; Rabitsch, W; Hulme, P.E; Pysˇek, P; Wilson (SANBI), J.R.U; Richardson, D.M
2014-09Deliverable September 2014: Final Report on Deficit WorkGPP&HFP South Africa
2014-09Deliverable September 2014: Final Report on Monitoring WorkGPP&HFP South Africa
2015-06Delivery of crop pollination services is an insufficient argument for wild pollinator conservationKleijn, D.; Winfree, R.; Bartomeus, I.; Carvalheiro, L.G.; Henry, M.; Isaacs, R.; Klein, A.M.; Kremen, C.; M’Gonigle, L.K.; Rader, R.; Ricketts, T.H.; Williams, N.M.; Adamson, N.L.; Ascher, J.S.; Báldi, A.; Batáry, P.; Benjamin, F.; Biesmeijer, J.C.; Blitzer, E.J.; Bommarco, R.; Brand, M.R.; Bretagnolle, V.; Button, L.; Cariveau, D.P.; Chifflet, R.; Colville (SANBI), Jonathan F.; Danforth, B.N.; Elle, E.; Garratt, M.P.D.; Herzog, F.; Holzschuh, A.; Howlett, B.G.; Jauker, F.; Jha, S.; Knop, E.; Krewenka, K.M.; Le Féon, V; Mandelik, Y.; May, E.A; Park, M.G; Pisanty, G; Reemer, M; Riedinger, V; Rollin, O; Rundlof, M; Sardinas, H.S; Scheper, J; Sciligo, A.R; Smith, H.G; Steffan-Dewenter, I; Thorp, R; Tscharntke, T; Verhulst, J; Viana, B.F; Vaissière, B.E.; Veldtman (SANBI), Ruan; Westphal, K.; Potts, S.G.
2016-12Delosperma abbottii Van Jaarsv. (Aizoaceae)Van Jaarsveld (SANBI), E.
2005Delosperma N.E.Br. (Mesembryanthemaceae).Burgoyne, P.M.
2008Delosperma relations as evidenced by molecular data.Buys, M H
2012Demography and population ecology of the hadeda ibis (Bostrychia hagedash) at its expanding range edge in South Africa.Duckworth, G D; Altwegg, R; Harebottle, D M