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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-08-21The e-Flora of South Africa restructuring data to comply with Darwin Core standards for inclusion into the World Flora Online.Ranwashe (SANBI), F.; Le Roux (SANBI), M.M.
2018-01The e-Flora of South Africa: achievements and progress of the past four yearsLe Roux (SANBI), M.M.; Klopper (SANBI), R.R.; Victor (SANBI), J.E.
2018-04-01The e-Flora of South Africa: supporting plant conservationLe Roux (SANBI), M.M.; Victor (SANBI), J.E.
2008e-News electronic newsletter, published fortnightly throughout the period.Cape Action For People And The Environment (C A P E)
2007e-News electronic newsletter, published fortnightly.C A P E
2014-01e-news, CapeNature welcomes new CEOCAPE ACTION FOR PEOPLE (C.A.P.E)
2015-03e-news, City of Cape Town receives Ramsar certificate during World Wetlands day celebrationCAPE ACTION FOR PEOPLE (C.A.P.E)
2014-05e-news, Donors replenish GEF, but large funding gap for biodiversity remainsCAPE ACTION FOR PEOPLE (C.A.P.E)
2014-03e-news, Renewable Energy festival puts power in people's handsCAPE ACTION FOR PEOPLE (C.A.P.E)
2014-02e-news, World Wetlands day celebrationsC.A.P.E
2009E-taxonomy: an affordable tool to fill the biodiversity knowledge gapSmith (SANBI), G.F.; Figueiredo, E.
2018-01-01Early detection and assessments of biological invasionsLalla (SANBI), Reshnee
2013-04-01Early Detection and Rapid Response: Management of Invasive Alien Species and SANBIMarsh, Alex; Lalla, Reshnee
2012Early experiences in the establishment of a National Early Detection and Rapid Response Programme for South Africa.Ivey, P.; Wilson, J.; Nänni, I.; Geber, H.
2011Early post-fire plant succession in Peninsula Sandstone Fynbos: The first three years after disturbance.Rutherford, M C; Powrie, L W; Husted, L B; Turner, R C
2016-09-26Early warning systems for biodiversity in southern Africa – How much can citizen science mitigate imperfect data?Barnard (SANBI), Phoebe; Altwegg, Res; Ebrahim (SANBI), Ismail; Underhill, Les G
2007Earth alive! Part 1. The Sixth Extinction.Anderson, J M
2007Earth alive! Part 10. 101 strategies towards stemming the Sixth Extinction.Anderson, J M; De Wit, M J; Van Heerden, A