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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-10m&e case study - Action Research: Working with farmers to establish sustainable management guidelines for the RenosterveldCape Nature
2009-07m&e case study - Leopards: Working with farmers to protect a threatened speciesCape Nature
2008MACIS: minimisation of and adaptation to climate change impacts on biodiversity.Kuhn, I; Sykes, M T; Berry, P M; Thuiller, W; Piper, J M; Nigmann, U Araujo, M B; Balletto, E; Bonelli, S; Cabeza, M; Guisan, A; Hickler, T; Klotz, S; Metzger, M; Midgley, G F; Musche, M; Olofsson, J; Paterson, J S; Penev, L; Rickebusch, S; Rounsevell, M D; Schweiger, W E O; Settele, J
2011Macro-ecology meets invasion ecology: linking native distribution of Australian acacias to invasiveness.Hui, C; Richardson, D M; Robertson, M P; Wilson, J R U; Yates, C Y
2020-10-15MAcroecological Framework for Invasive Aliens (MAFIA): disentangling large-scale context dependence in biological invasionsPyšek, P; Bacher, S; Kühn, I; Novoa, A; Catford, JA; Hulme, PE; Pergl, J; Richardson, DM; Wilson (SANBI), JRU; Blackburn, TM
2005Maesa lanceolata Forssk. (Maesaceae).Glen, H.F.; Ngwenya, M.A.
2011Magnificent monopsis.Duncan, G D
2010Magnificent peacock moraeas.Duncan, G D
2018-02-23Mahonia oiwakensis Hayata (=Mahonia lomariifolia) (Berberidaceae): A new species for the alien flora of South AfricaJaca (SANB), Thulisile Precious; Mkhize, Mbali A.
2013-09-30Mainstreaming Biodiversity: Key Principles from the Grasslands ProgrammeSANBI
2004Mainstreaming biodiversity: the role of taxonomy in bioregional planning activities in South Africa.Smith (SANBI), G.F.; Wolfson, M.M.
2013-05-09Mainstreaming Ecosystem Guidelines: Fynbos Lessons for the Grasslandsde Villiers, Charl; Cadman, Mandy; Manuel, Jeff
2016-06-09Mainstreaming spatial biodiversity plans in the Western Cape: Progress to date and the way forwardSmart, Rhett
2011Maireana brevifolia (Chenopodiaceae: Camphorosmeae), a new naturalized alien plant species in South Africa.Mucina, L; Snijman, D A
2017-05A major subtropical fruit pest accumulates in crop fields and spills over to a wild hostMoxley (SANBI), Courtney; Lammers, Wiebke; van Veen, F.J. Frank; Thébault, Elisa; Esler, Karen J.; Seymour (SANBI), Colleen L.
2017-06-21Making CBA Maps: Considering previous biodiversity plans in CBA MapsDesmet, Philip; Hawley-McMaster, Greer; Berliner, Derek; King, Thomas
2006Making plants relevant to real life.Roff, J; Willis, C K; Foden, W
2012-05-22Making the Case for BiodiversityMaze (SANBI), Kristal
2016Making the Case for biodiversity in South Africa: Re-framing biodiversity communicationsMaze (SANBI), K.; Barnett (SANBI), M.; Botts, E.A.; Stephens (SANBI), A.; Freedman, M.; Guenther, L.
2016Making the case for biodiversity in South Africa: Re-framing biodiversity communicationsMaze (SANBI), K; Barnett (SANBI), M; Botts, E.A; Stephens (SANBI), A; Freedman, M; Guenther, L