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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-08Pachycarpus campanulatus subsp. campanulatusNkwanyana, Mduduzi; Bester, SP
2017-12Pachycarpus natalensisBester, Stoffel Petrus
2008Pachycarpus schinzianus (Schltr.) N.E.Br. (Apocynaceae).Bester, S.P.
2007Pachypodium Lindl. (Apocynaceae).Bester, S.P.
2010Pachypodium namaquanum: Seeking refuge in a changing world.Bester, S.P.
2007Palaeoclimate-induced range shifts may explain current patterns of spatial genetic variation in renosterbos (Elytropappus rhinocerotis, Asteraceae).Bergh, N G; Hedderson, T A; Linder, H P; Bond, W J
2005Panicum maximum Jacq. (Poaceae).Ferreira, L.
2004Pappea capensis Eck!, & Zeyh, (Sapindaceae),Hankey, A.J.
2008Paranari curatellifolia Planch. ex Benth. (Chrysobalanceae).Maharaj, V.; Glen, H.F.
2010Paranomus reflexus (E.Phillips & Hutch.) Fourc. (Proteaceae).Notten, A.
2010Parasitoid fig-wasp evolutionary diversification and variation in ecological opportunity.Mcleish, M J; Van Noort, S; Tolley, K A
2004Partnerships and linkages: Witwatersrand National Botanical Garden, South Africa.Turner, S.
2006Passerina corymbosa Eckl. ex C.H.Wright (Thymelaeaceae).Oliver, R.
2004Passerina ericoides L. (Thymelaeaceae).Bredenkamp, C.L.
2004Passerina filiformis L. subsp. filiformis (Thymelaeaceae).Bredenkamp, c.L.
2006Pathological ?ndings in harbour porpoises (Phocoena phocoena) from Norwegian and Icelandic waters.Siebert, U; Tolley, K; Víkingsson, G; Ólafsdottir, D; Lehnert, K; Weiss, R; Baumgärtner, W
2004Patterns and uncertainties of species' range shifts under climate change.Thulller, W
2008Pauridia: small but not insignificant.Snijman, D
2008Pauridia: small but not insignificant.Snijman, D A
2010Pavetta cooperi Harv. & Sond. (Rubiaceae).Viljoen, C.