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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Quality concept under an uncertainty environment.Guo, R.; Dunne, T.; Cui, Y. H.; Guo, (SANBI) D.
2017-03Quantifying errors and omissions in alien species lists: The introduction status of Melaleuca species in South Africa as a case studyJacobs, Llewellyn E. O.; Richardson, David M.; Lepschi, Brendan J.; Wilson (SANBI), John R. U.
2017-08-15A quarter of a century of taking databases from paper to ‘cloud’.Powrie (SANBI), L. W.; Dayaram (SANBI), A.; Skowno (SANBI), A. J.
2018-03-26Questioning the Alienation of Native Species from Invasion Ecology: A Reply to Tong et al.Nackley, Lloyd; West, Adam; Skowno (SANBI), Andrew; Bond, william
2012Quinolizidine alkaloids from Sophora velutina subsp. zimbabweensis (Fabaceae: Sophoreae).Korir, E.; Kiplimo, J.J.; Crouch (SANBI), N.R.; Moodley, N.; Koorbanally, N.A.
2017-12The radiation and biogeography of snakes across south-eastern Africa with respect to the evolution of the savanna biomeTolley, Krystal A.; Mouton, Le Fras PN.; Engelbrecht, Hanlie M.
2005Radiation of pollination systems in the Cape genus Tritoniopsis (Iridaceae: Crocoideae) and the development of biomodal pollination strategies.Manning, J C; Goldblatt, P
2018-07-01Radiometric calibration framework for ultra-high-resolution UAV-derived orthomosaics for large-scale mapping of invasive alien plants in semi-arid woodlands: Harrisia pomanensis as a case studyMafanya (SANBI), Madodomzi; Tsele, Philemon; Botai, Joel O.; Manyama (SANBI), Phetole; Chirima, George J.; Monate, Thabang
2010Rafnia triflora Thunb. (Fabaceae).Ndlovu, M.; Notten, A.
2009Rainfall in arid zones: possible effects of climate change on the population ecology of blue cranes.Altwegg, R; Anderson, M D
2019-01-18Raising a Red FlagChild, Matthew
2017Raising the flag on marine alien fouling speciesPeters, Koebraa; Sink (SANBI), Kerry; Robinson, Tamara
2010Random fuzzy compound poisson processes.Guo, R.; Guo, (SANBI) D.; Cui, Y. H.
2009Random fuzzy continuous-time Markov chains. In K. Kolowrocki, J. Soszynska & E. Zio,Guo, R.; Juwa, N.; Dunne, T.; Guo, (SANBI) D.
2010Random fuzzy continuous-time Markov jump processes.Guo, R; Guo, D; Dunne, T
2010Random fuzzy location-scale family with linear fuzzy location function.Guo, R; Zhao, R Q; Guo, D
2007Random Fuzzy Modelling on repairable system.Guo, R; Zhao, R Q; Guo, D; Dunne, T
2010Random fuzzy poisson data modeling.Guo, R.; Guo, (SANBI) D.; Thiart, C.; Cui, Y. H.
2009Random fuzzy Poisson processes. In K. Kolowrocki, J. Soszynska & E. Zio,Guo, R.; Juwa, N.; Guo, (SANBI) D.
2009Random fuzzy risk processes.Guo, R.; Jiang, T.; Guo, (SANBI) D.