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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A new species of dwarf chameleon (Sauria; Chamaeleonidae, Bradypodion Fitzinger) from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa with notes on recent climatic shifts and their in?uence on speciation in the genusTilbury, C R; Tolley, K A
2009Turnover in flightless invertebrate species composition over different spatial scales in Afrotemperate forest in the Drakensberg, South Africa.Uys, C; Hamer, M; Slotow, R
2009From both sides: dire demographic consequences of carnivorous mice and longlining for the Critically Endangered Tristan albatrosses on Gough Island.Wanless, R M; Ryan, P G; Altwegg, R; Angel, A; Cooper, J; Cuthbert, R
2010Dying for conservation: eradicating invasive alien species in the face of opposition.Blackburn, D C; Pettorelli, N; Katzner, T; Gompper, M E; Mock, K; Garner, T W J; Altwegg, R
2011Ensuring a future for South Africa's frogsMeasey, G.J
2010The impact of conservation on the status of the world’s vertebrates.Hoffmann, M; Hilton-Taylor, C; Angulo, A; Böhm, M; Brooks, T M; Butchart, S H M; Carpenter, K E; Chanson, J; Collen, B; Cox, N A; Darwall, W R T; Dulvy, N K; Harrison, L R; Katariya, V; Pollock, C M; Quader, S; Richman, N I; Rodrigues, A S L; Tognelli, M F; Vié, J-C; Aguiar, J M; Allen, D J; Allen, G R; Amori, G; Ananjeva, N B; Andreone, F; Andrew, P; Aquino Ortiz, A L; Baillie, J E M; Baldi, R; Bell, B D; Biju, S D; Bird, J P; Black-Decima, P; Blanc, J J; Bolaños, F; Bolivar G; W; Burfield, I J; Burton, J A; Capper, D R; Castro, F; Catullo, G; Cavanagh, R D; Channing, A; Chao, N L; Chenery, A M; Chiozza, F; Clausnitzer, V; Collar, N J; Collett, L C; Collette, B B; Cortez Fernandez, C F; Craig, M T; Crosby, M J; Cumberlidge, N; Cuttelod, A; Derocher, A E; Diesmos, A C; Donaldson, J S; Duckworth, J W; Dutson, G; Dutta, S K; Emslie, R H; Farjon, A; Fowler, S; Freyhof, J; Garshelis, D L; Gerlach, G; Gower, D J; Grant, T D; Hammerson, G A; Harris, R B; Heaney, L R; Hedges, S B; Hero, J-M; Hughes, B; Hussain, S A; Icochea, M J; Inger, R F; Ishii, N; Iskandar, D T; Jenkins, R K B; Kaneko, Y; Kottelat, M; Kovacs, K M; Kuzmin, S L; La Marca, E; Lamoreux, J F; Lau, M W N; Lavilla, E O; Leus, K; Lewison, R L; Lichtenstein, G; Livingstone, S R; Lukoschek, V; Mallon, D P; Mcgowan, P J K; Mcivor, A; Moehlman, P D; Molur, S; Muñoz Alonso, A; Musick, J A; Nowell, K; Nussbaum, R A; Olech, W; Orlov, N L; Papenfuss, T J; Parra-Olea, G; Perrin, W F; Polidoro, B A; Pourkazemi, M; Racey, P A; Ragle, J S; Ram, M; Rathbun, G; Reynolds, R P; Rhodin, A G J; Richards, S J; Rodríguez, L O; Ron, S R; Rondinini, C; Rylands, A B; Sadovy De Mitcheson, Y; Sanciangco, J C; Sanders, K L; Santos-Barrera, G; Schipper, J; Self-Sullivan, C; Shi, Y; Shoemaker, A; Short, F T; Sillero-Zubiri, C; Silvano, D L; Smith, K G; Smith, A T; Snoeks, J; Stattersfield, A J; Symes, A J; Taber, A B; Talukdar, B K; Temple, H J; Timmins, R; Tobias, J A; Tsytsulina, K; Tweddle, D; Ubeda, C; Valenti, S V; Van Dijk, P P; Veiga, L M; Veloso, A; Wege, D C; Wilkinson, M; Williamson, E A; Xie, F; Young, B E; Akçakaya, H R; Bennun, L; Blackburn, T M; Boitani, L; Dublin, H T; Da Fonseca, G A B; Gascon, C; Lacher, T E Jnr, Mace, G M; Mainka, S A; Mcneely, J A; Mittermeier, R A; Mcgregor Reid, G; Rodríguez, J P; Rosenberg, A A; Samways, M J; Smart, J; Stein, B A; Stuart, S N
2010International year of biodiversity: missed targets and the need for better monitoring, real action and global policy.Gordon, I J; Pettorelli, N; Katzner, T; Gompper, M E; Mock, K; Redparth, S; Altwegg, R
2010New European Union fisheries regulations could benefit conservation of marine animals.Penteriani, V; Pettorelli, N; Gordon, I J; Katzner, T; Mock, K; Redpath, S; Altwegg, R; Gompper, M E
2005The impacts of climate change on Aloe dichotoma (the kokerboom): implications for the conservation and management of threatened plants.Foden, W; Midgley, G F; Hughes, G O; Thuiller, W; Bishop, J; Bond, W J; Hoffman, M T; Kaleme, P; Rebelo, P; Hannah, L
2007Integrating ecosystem services into conservation assessments: a review.Egoh, B; Rouget, M; Reyers, B; Knight, A T; Cowling, R M; Van Jaarsveld, A S; Welz, A