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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-10-01Bothalia 37,2Germishuizen, G.; Momberg, B.A.
2006-10-01Bothalia 36,2Germishuizen, G.; Momberg, B.A.
2008-05-01Bothalia 38,1Germishuizen, G.; Momberg, B.A.
2008-10-01Bothalia 38,2Germishuizen, G.; Momberg, B.A.
2007-05-01Bothalia 37,1Germishuizen, G.; Momberg, B.A.
2006-05-01Bothalia 36,1Germishuizen, G.; Momberg, B.A.
2008-02-01Molecular Systematics, Biogeography and Dating of the Tribe Haemantheae (Amaryllidaceae) amd the Phylogeography of CliviaSnijman, Dee; Hedderson, Terry; Reeves, Gail; Conrad (SANBI), Ferozah
2009-08-04A DNA barcode for land plantsHollingsworth, M; Forrest, L L; Spouge, J L; Hajibabaei, M; Ratnasingham, S; Van Der Bank, M; Chase, M W; Cowan, R S; Erickson, D L; Fazekas, A J; Graham, S W; James, K E; Kim, K-J; Kress, W J; Schneider, H; Van Alphenstahl, J; Barrett, S C H; Van Den Berg, C; Bogarin, D; Burgess, K S; Cameron, K M; Carine, M; Chacón, J; Clark, A; Clarkson, J J; Conrad (SANBI), F; Devey, D S; Ford, C S; Hedderson, T A J; Hollingsworth, M L; Husband, B C; Kelly, L J; Kesanakurti, P R; Kim, J S; Kim, Y-D; Lahaye, R; Lee, H-L; Long, D G; Madriñán, S; Maurin, O; Meusnier, I; Newmaster, S G; Park, C-W; Percy, D M; Petersen, G; Richardson, J E; Salazar, G A; Savolainen,v; Seberg, O; Wilkinson, M J; Yi, D-K; Little, D P
2009-04Origin and diversification of the Greater Cape flora: Ancient species repository, hot-bed of recent radiation, or both?Verboom, G A; Archibald, J K; Bakker, F T; Bellstedt, D U; Conrad (SANBI), F; Dreyer, L L; Forest, F; Galley, C; Goldblatt, P; Henning, J F; Mummenhoff, K; Linder, H P; Muasya, A M; Oberlander, K C; Savolainen, V; Snijman, D A; van der Niet, T; Nowell, T L
2007-05-01A proposal for a standardized protocol to barcode all land plantsChase, M W; Cowan, R S; Hollingsworth, P M; van den Berg, C; Madriñán, S; Petersen, G; Seberg, O; Cameron, K M; Carine, M; Hedderson, T A J; Conrad (SANBI), F; Salazar, G A; Richardson, J E; Hollingsworth, M L; Jørgsensen, T; Kelly, L; Wilkinson, M; Pedersen, N; Barraclough, T G