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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-12-11Nature Reserve: Umgano ProjectSANBI; Wildlands Conservation Trust
2015-09On bird functional diversity: species richness and functional differentiation show contrasting responses to rainfall and vegetation structure in an arid landscapeSeymour (SANBI), Colleen L.; Simmons, R.E.; Joseph, G.S.; Slingsby, J.A.
2015-12-11Biodiversity Partnership Area: uMzimvubu Catchment Partnership ProgrammeSANBI; Wildlands Conservation Trust
2015-12-11Biodiversity Agreement: WWF Water Balance ProgrammeSANBI; Wildlands Conservation Trust
2015-09Natural vegetation benefits synergistic control of the three main insect and pathogen pests of a fruit crop in southern AfricaHenri, D.C.; Jones, O.; Tsiattalos, A.; Thebault, E.; Seymour (SANBI), Colleen L.; van Veen, F.J.F.
2015-09The effects of substratum on locomotor performance in lacertid lizardsVanhooydonck, B.; Measey, J.; Edwards (SANBI), S.; Makhubo, B.; Tolley (SANBI), Krystal A.; Herrel, A.
2015-09Optimising Regionalisation Techniques: Identifying Centres of Endemism in the Extraordinarily Endemic-Rich Cape Floristic RegiononBradshaw, P.L; Colville (SANBI), J.F; Linder, H.P
2015-10Needing you, needing me: Food shortages challenge beekeepersMasehela (SANBI), Tlou S.
2015-09Green Plants in the Red: A Baseline Global Assessment for the IUCN Sampled Red List Index for PlantsBrummitt, N.A; Bachman, S.P; Griffiths-Lee, J; Lutz, M; Moat, J.F; Farjon, A; Donaldson (SANBI), J S; Hilton-Taylor, C; Meagher, T.R; Albuquerque, S; Aletrari, E; Andrews, A.K; Atchison, G; Baloch, E; Barlozzini, B; Brunazzi, A; Carretero, J; Celesti, M; Chadburn, H; Cianfoni, E; Cockel, C; Coldwell, V; Concetti, B; Contu, S; Crook, V; Dyson, P; Gardiner, L; Ghanim, N; Greene, H; Groom, A; Harker, R; Hopkins, D; Khela, S; Lakeman-Fraser, P; Lindon, H; Lockwood, H; Loftus, C; Lombrici, D; Lopez-Poveda, L; Lyon, J; Malcolm-Tompkins, P; McGregor, K; Moreno, L; Murray, L; Nazar, K; Power, E; Tuijtelaars, M.Q; Salter, R; Segrott, R; Thacker, H; Thomas, L.J; Tingvoll, S; Watkinson, G; Wojtaszekova, K; Nic Lughadha, E.M
2015-03-12New species, combinations and range extensions in Hesperantha Ker Gawl.Goldblatt, P; Manning (SANBI), J.C; Van Wyk, P.V.C