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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Density-dependent dispersal and the speed of range expansions.Altwegg, R; Collingham, Y; Erni, B; Huntley, B
2012Costs of expanding the network of protected areas as a response to climate change in the Cape Floristic Region.Wise, R M; Reyers, B; Guo, C; Midgley, G F; De Lange, W
2012The reforestation of Africa?West, A G; Midgley, G F; Bond, W J
2012Diverse functional responses to drought in a Mediterranean-type shrubland in South Africa.West, A G; Dawson, T E; February, E C; Midgley, G F; Bond, W J; Aston, T L
2016-09Electric crows: power lines, climate change and the emergence of a native invaderCunningham, S.J; Madden, C.F; Barnard (SANBI), P.; Amar, A.
2015-06Ecosystem change in the southern Benguela and the underlying processesBlamey, L.K.; Shannon, L.J.; Bolton, J.J.; Crawford, R.J.M.; Dufois, F.; Griffiths, C.L.; Hutchings, L.; Jarre, A.; Rouault, M.; Watermeyer, K.E.; Winker (SANBI), Henning
2016Electric crows: power lines, climate change and the emergence of a native invaderCunningham, S.J.; Madden, C.F.; Barnard (SANBI), Phoebe; Amar, A.
2016-12Microclimates mitigate against hot temperatures in dryland ecosystems: termite mounds as an exampleJoseph, G.S.; Seymour (SANBI), Colleen L.; Coetzee, B.W.T.; Ndlovu, M.; De La Torre, A.; Suttle, R.; Hicks, N.; Oxley, S.; Foord, S.H.
2018-08-01The changing role of ornamental horticulture in alien plant invasionsvan Kleunen, M.; Essl, F.; Pergl, J.; Brundu, G.; Carboni, M.; Dullinger, S.; Early, R.; González-Moreno, P.; Groom, Q.J.; Hulme, P.E.; Kueffer, C.; Kühn, I.; Máguas, C.; Maurel, N.; Novoa (SANBI), A.; Parepa, M.; Pyšek, P.; Seebens, H.; Tanner, R.; Touza, J.; Verbrugge, L.; Weber, E.; Dawson, W.; Kreft, H.; Weigelt, P.; Winter, M.; Klonner, G.; Talluto, M.V.; Dehnen-Schmutz, K.
2018-11-23Priority areas for the in situ conservation of crop wild relatives in South AfricaHolness, Stephen; Hamer (SANBI), Michelle; Brehm, Joana M.; Raimondo (SANBI), Domitilla C.