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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-10-18Distribution, invasive potential and management of Callistemon rugulosus (Link) Craven (Myrtaceae) in South AfricaGeerts, Sjirk; Matthys, Chelsey
2019-10-17Vegetation Map of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland 2018: A description of changes since 2006Dayaram (SANBI), Anisha; Harris, Linda, R; Grobler, Barend, A; Van der Merwe (SANBI), Stephni; Rebelo (SANBI), Anthony, G; Powrie (SANBI), Leslie, W; Vlok, Johannes, H,J; Desmet, Philip, G; Qabaqaba, Mcebisi; Hlahane, Keneilwe, M; Skowno (SANBI), Andrew, L
2019-11-12TAXONOMIC REVISION OF THE OTHONNA BULBOSA GROUP (ASTERACEAE: SENECIONEAE: OTHONNINAE)Magoswana (SANBI), Simon Luvo; Boatwright, James Stephen; Magee (SANBI), Anthony Richard; Manning (SANBI), John Charles
2019-11Systematics of the genus Veltheimia (Hyacinthaceae: Scilloideae)Manning (SANBI), John Charles
2019-03-01Non-invasive monitoring of physiological stress in an afrotropical arid-zone passerine bird, the southern pied babblerJepsen, Emma M.; Ganswindt, André; Ngcamphalala, Celiwe A.; Bourne, Amanda R.; Ridley, Amanda R.; McKechnie, Andrew E.
2019-08-19Gastrointestinal Parasites of Vervet Monkeys (Chlorocebus Pygerythrus) In a High Latitude, Semi-Arid Region of South AfricaBlersch, Rosemary; Archer, Colleen; Suleman (SANBI), Essa; Young, Christopher; Kindler, Duodané; Barrett, Louise; Henzi, Peter S
2019-02-17Interactions between humidity and evaporative heat dissipation in a passerine birdVan Dyk, Monique; Noakes, Matthew J.; McKechnie, Andrew E
2019-10-23Phenotypic Characterisation of South African Unimproved Indigenous and Tankwa GoatsRamukhithi, Fhulufhelo Vincent; Lehloenya, Khoboso Christina; Kotze (SANBI), Antoinette; Nephawe, Khathutshelo Agree; Chokoe, Tlou Caswell; Seshoka, Mokagadi Magdelin; Jonker, Thinus; Nedambale, Tshimangadzo Lucky
2019-08-03Nucleotide Sequence Analysis to Identify a One-Step Mutation in a STR DNA Profile During Paternity Testing at Locus D7S820Harris, Y; Welgemoed, DJ; Kotze (SANBI), A; Dalton (SANBI), DL; Bruyn, M de
2019-03-09Blood and bone lead levels in South Africa's Gyps vultures: Risk to nest-bound chicks and comparison with other avian taxavan den Heever, Linda; Smit-Robinson, Hanneline; Naidoo, Vinny; McKechnie, Andrew E.