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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-03-01The influence of local and landscape factors on arthropod predator diversity in the Sundays River Valley, Eastern Cape, South AfricaPryke, James S; Seymour (SANBI), Colleen L.; Gaigher, Rene; Galloway, Alistair Duncan
2019-09-24South African National Biodiversity Assessment 2018 Technical Report Volume 1: Terrestrial Realm. South African National Biodiversity InstituteSkowno (SANBI), Andrew, L.; Raimondo (SANBI), Domitilla, C.; Poole (SANBI), Carol J.; Fizzoti (SANBI), Bianca; Slingsby, Jasper
2020-02-05Population genetics of the invasive wasp Vespula germanica in South AfricaEloff (SANBI), Julia; Veldtman (SANBI), Ruan; Bulgarella, Mariana; Lester, Phil J
2020-01-31Progress in natural capital accounting for ecosystemsHein, Lars; Bagstad, Kenneth J.; Obst, Carl; Edens, Bram; Schenau, Sjoerd; Castillo, Gem; Soulard, Francois; Brown, Claire; Driver, Amanda; Bordt, Michael; Steurer, Anton; Harris, Rocky; Caparrós, Alejandro
2020-07-24Taxonomic notes on the genus Neorautanenia (Fabaceae–Phaseoleae)Tibini, Siyabonga; Manyelo (SANBI), Tlou S.; Moteetee, Annah
2020-04-12Cointroductions of Australian acacias and their rhizobial mutualists in the Southern HemisphereWarrington, S; Ellis, A; Novoa (SANBI), A; Hulme, P E; Duncan, Richard P; Valentine, A; Wandrag, E M
2020-11-19Spatial patterns, availability and cultural preferences for edible plants in southern AfricaWelcome (SANBI), Ashton Kim; Van Wyk, Ben-Erik
2019-11-18A case study for wild honeybees’ contribution to biodiversity economy and considerations for sustainable harvestingMasehela (SANBI), T.S; Couldridge, V; Mothapo, P.N; Simba (SANBI), V; Masehela (SANBI), T.S; Couldridge, V; Mothapo, P.N
2020-01-22Animal of the week: Honey badgerMolekoa, Lerato; Zondi, Zwelakhe