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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Risk assessment, eradication, and biological control: global efforts to limit Australian acacia invasions.Wilson, J R U; Gairifo, C; Gibson, M R; Arianoutsou, M; Bakar, B B; Baret, S; Celesti-Grapow, L; Ditomaso, J M; Dufour-Dror, J M; Kueffer, C; Kull, C A; Hoffmann, J H; Impson, F A C; Loope, L L; Marchante, E; Marchante, H; Moore, J L; Murphy, D; Tassin, J; Witt, A; Zenni, R D; Richardson, D M
2011National-scale strategic approaches for managing introduced plants: insights from Australian acacias in South Africa.Van Wilgen, B W; Dyer, C; Hoffmann, J H; Ivey, P; Le Maitre, D C; Moore, J L; Richardson, D M; Rouget, M; Wannenburgh, A; Wilson, J R U
2012A spatial assessment of anthropogenic threats to frog breeding habitats in South Africa: implications for anuran conservation.Mokhatla, M U; Measey, G J; Chimimba, C T; Van Rensburg, B J
2012Consequences of warming up a hotspot species range within a centre of bee diversity.Kuhlmann, M; Guo, D; Veldtman, R; Donaldson, J S
2012Impacts of past habitat loss and future climate change on the range dynamics of South African Proteaceae.Cabral, J S; Jeltsch, F; Thuiller, W; Higgins, S; Midgley, G F; Rebelo, A G; Rouget, M; Schurr, F M
2012Potential impacts of climatic change on southern African birds of fynbos and grassland biodiversity hotspots.Huntley, B; Barnard, P
2008Deconstructing a controversial local range expansion: conservation biogeography of the Painted Reed Frog (Hyperrolius marmoratus) in South Africa.Tolley, K A; Davies, S J; Chown, S L
2013Density-dependent dispersal and the speed of range expansions.Altwegg, R; Collingham, Y; Erni, B; Huntley, B
2016-12Incorporating species detectability into conservation targets based on the species–area relationshipKarenyi (SANBI), Natasha; Nel, Ronel; Altwegg, Res; Sink (SANBI), Kerry
2015-09Framework and guidelines for implementing the proposed IUCN Environmental Impact Classification for Alien Taxa (EICAT)Hawkins, Charlotte L.; Bacher, Sven.; Essl, Franz.; Hulme, Philip E.; Jeschke, Jonathan M.; Kuhn, Ingolf; Kumschick (SANBI), Sabrina; Nentwig, Wolfgang; Pergl, Jan; Pysek, Petr; Rabitsch, Wolfgang; Richardson, David M.; Vila, Montserrat; Wilson (SANBI), John R.U.; Genovesi, Piero; Blackburn, Tim M.