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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Measures, perceptions and scaling patterns of aggregated species distributions.Hui, C; Veldtman, R; Mcgeoch, M A
2010Terrestrial carbon stocks and biodiversity: key knowledge gaps and some policy implications.Midgley, G F; Bond, W J; Kapos, V; Ravilious, C; Scharlemann, J P W; Woodward, F
2010Evidence of recent and continuous speciation in a biodiversity hotspot: a population genetic approach in southern African gladioli (Gladiolus; Iridaceae).Rymer, P D; Manning, J C; Goldblatt, P; Powell, M; Savolainen, V
2010Twenty years of rest returns grazing potential, but not palatable plant diversity, to Karoo rangeland, South Africa.Seymour, C L; Milton, S J; Joseph, G S; Dean, W R J; Ditlhobolo, T; Cumming, G S
2010The role of biological information in CITES non-detrimental findings: current practices and scientific research opportunities.Smith, M J; Benítez Díaz, H; Clemente-Muñoz, M A; Donaldson, J S; Hutton, J; Mcgough, N H; Medellin, R A; Morgan, D H W; O'criodain, C; Oldfield, T E E; Schippmann, U; Williams, R J
2007Integrating ecosystem services into conservation assessments: a review.Egoh, B; Rouget, M; Reyers, B; Knight, A T; Cowling, R M; Van Jaarsveld, A S; Welz, A
2007Preserving the evolutionary potential of floras in biodiversity hotspots.Forest, F; Grenyer, R; Rouget, M; Davies, T J; Cowling, R M; Faith, D P; Balmford, A; Manning, J C; Proches, S; Van Der Bank, M; Reeves, G; Hedderson, T A J; Savolainen, V
2005Cape plants: corrections and additions to the flora. 1.Goldblatt, P; Manning, J C; Snijman, D
2005Predicting species distribution: offering more than simple habitat models.Guisan, A; Thuiller, W
2005The view from the Cape: extinction risk, protected areas, and climate change.Hannah, L; Midgley, G F; Hughes, G O; Bomhard, B