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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Endemic species and ecosystem sensitivity to climate change in Namibia.Thuiller, W; Midgley, G F; Hughes, G O; Bomhard, B; Drew, G; Rutherford, M C; Woodward, F I
2006Do geographic distribution, niche property and life form explain plants’ vulnerability to global change?Broennimann, O; Thuiller, W; Hughes, G O; Midgley, G F; Alkemade, J M R; Guisan, A
2011Challenges of reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+) on the African continent. Commentary.Makhado, R A; Saidi, A T; Mantlana, B K; Mwayafu, M D
2011Improving assessment and modelling of climate change impacts on global terrestrial biodiversity.Mcmahon, S M; Harrison, S P; Armbruster, W S; Bartlein, P J; Beale, C M; Edwards, M E; Kattge, J; Midgley, G; Morin, X; Prentice, I C
2011Life on the edge: rare and restricted episodes of a pan-tropical mutualism adapting to drier climates.Mcleish, M; Guo, D; Van Noort, S; Midgley, G F
2006Policy piece: National Climate Change Conference in South Africa.Lovett, J C; Barnard, P; Midgley, G F
2008Optimizing dispersal corridors for the Cape Proteaceae using network flow.Phillips, S J; Williams, P; Midgley, G F; Archer, A
2004Would climate change drive species out of reserves? An assessment of existing reserve-selection methods.Araujo, M B; Cabeza, M; Thuiller, W; Hannah, L; Williams, P H
2004Climate change and birds: perspectives and prospects from southern Africa.Simmons, R E; Barnard, P; Dean, W R J; Midgley, G F; Thuiller, W; Hughes, G O
2004Differential impact of temperature stress on leaf physiology in broad and narrow leafed savanna trees under natural conditions.Kgope, B S