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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Would climate change drive species out of reserves? An assessment of existing reserve-selection methods.Araujo, M B; Cabeza, M; Thuiller, W; Hannah, L; Williams, P H
2004Grass assemblages and diversity of conservation areas on the coastal plain south of Maputo Bay, Mozambique.Siebert, S J; Fish, L; Uiras, M M; Izidine, S A
2005Planning for climate change: identifying minimum-dispersal corridors for the Cape Proteaceae.Williams, P; Hannah, L; Andelman, S; Midgley, G F; Araujo, M; Hughes, G; Manne, L; Martinez-Meyer, E; Pearson, R
2005Identifying priority areas for bioclimatic representation under climate change: a case study for Proteaceae in the Cape Floristic Region, South Africa.Pyke, C R; Andelman, S J; Midgley, G
2012Comparing fish communities in sanctuaries, partly protected areas and open-access reefs in southeast Africa.Currie J; Sink K J; Le Noury P; Branch G M
2012A spatial assessment of anthropogenic threats to frog breeding habitats in South Africa: implications for anuran conservation.Mokhatla, M U; Measey, G J; Chimimba, C T; Van Rensburg, B J
2012Costs of expanding the network of protected areas as a response to climate change in the Cape Floristic Region.Wise, R M; Reyers, B; Guo, C; Midgley, G F; De Lange, W
2016-12Continent-wide survey reveals massive decline in African savannah elephantsChase, Michael J.; Schlossberg, Scott; Griffin, Curtice R.; Bouché, Philippe J.C.; Djene, Sintayehu W.; Elkan, Paul W.; Ferreira, Sam; Grossman, Falk; Kohi, Edward M.; Landen, Kelly; Omondi, Patrick; Peltier, Alexis; Selier (SANBI), S.A. Jeanetta; Sutcliffe, Robert
2009Subterranean herpetofauna show a decline after 34 years in Ndumu Game Reserve, South Africa.Measey, G J; Armstrong, A J; Hanekom, C