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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Hot and smelly sex! Theoretical considerations of the adaptive significance of cone thermogenesis and volatile odours in cycad reproduction. In Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Cycad Biology, 8–12 January 2005.Donaldson, J S
2007Molecular systematics of amorphocerine weevils on Encephalartos—a preliminary analysis.Downie, D A; Donaldson, J S
2005Density of Cape porcupines in a semi-arid environment and their impact on soil turnover and related ecosystem processes.Bragg, C; Donaldson, J S; Ryan, P
2006DNA and tissue banking for biodiversity and conservation: theory, practice and usesDavis, K; Williams, C; Wolfson, M; Donaldson, J S
2006Preventing plant extinctions due to unsustainable international trade.Donaldson, J S
2010Vegetation transformation, functional compensation, and soil health in a semi-arid environment.O’Farrell, P J; Donaldson, J S; Hoffman, T
2010The impact of conservation on the status of the world’s vertebrates.Hoffmann, M; Hilton-Taylor, C; Angulo, A; Böhm, M; Brooks, T M; Butchart, S H M; Carpenter, K E; Chanson, J; Collen, B; Cox, N A; Darwall, W R T; Dulvy, N K; Harrison, L R; Katariya, V; Pollock, C M; Quader, S; Richman, N I; Rodrigues, A S L; Tognelli, M F; Vié, J-C; Aguiar, J M; Allen, D J; Allen, G R; Amori, G; Ananjeva, N B; Andreone, F; Andrew, P; Aquino Ortiz, A L; Baillie, J E M; Baldi, R; Bell, B D; Biju, S D; Bird, J P; Black-Decima, P; Blanc, J J; Bolaños, F; Bolivar G; W; Burfield, I J; Burton, J A; Capper, D R; Castro, F; Catullo, G; Cavanagh, R D; Channing, A; Chao, N L; Chenery, A M; Chiozza, F; Clausnitzer, V; Collar, N J; Collett, L C; Collette, B B; Cortez Fernandez, C F; Craig, M T; Crosby, M J; Cumberlidge, N; Cuttelod, A; Derocher, A E; Diesmos, A C; Donaldson, J S; Duckworth, J W; Dutson, G; Dutta, S K; Emslie, R H; Farjon, A; Fowler, S; Freyhof, J; Garshelis, D L; Gerlach, G; Gower, D J; Grant, T D; Hammerson, G A; Harris, R B; Heaney, L R; Hedges, S B; Hero, J-M; Hughes, B; Hussain, S A; Icochea, M J; Inger, R F; Ishii, N; Iskandar, D T; Jenkins, R K B; Kaneko, Y; Kottelat, M; Kovacs, K M; Kuzmin, S L; La Marca, E; Lamoreux, J F; Lau, M W N; Lavilla, E O; Leus, K; Lewison, R L; Lichtenstein, G; Livingstone, S R; Lukoschek, V; Mallon, D P; Mcgowan, P J K; Mcivor, A; Moehlman, P D; Molur, S; Muñoz Alonso, A; Musick, J A; Nowell, K; Nussbaum, R A; Olech, W; Orlov, N L; Papenfuss, T J; Parra-Olea, G; Perrin, W F; Polidoro, B A; Pourkazemi, M; Racey, P A; Ragle, J S; Ram, M; Rathbun, G; Reynolds, R P; Rhodin, A G J; Richards, S J; Rodríguez, L O; Ron, S R; Rondinini, C; Rylands, A B; Sadovy De Mitcheson, Y; Sanciangco, J C; Sanders, K L; Santos-Barrera, G; Schipper, J; Self-Sullivan, C; Shi, Y; Shoemaker, A; Short, F T; Sillero-Zubiri, C; Silvano, D L; Smith, K G; Smith, A T; Snoeks, J; Stattersfield, A J; Symes, A J; Taber, A B; Talukdar, B K; Temple, H J; Timmins, R; Tobias, J A; Tsytsulina, K; Tweddle, D; Ubeda, C; Valenti, S V; Van Dijk, P P; Veiga, L M; Veloso, A; Wege, D C; Wilkinson, M; Williamson, E A; Xie, F; Young, B E; Akçakaya, H R; Bennun, L; Blackburn, T M; Boitani, L; Dublin, H T; Da Fonseca, G A B; Gascon, C; Lacher, T E Jnr, Mace, G M; Mainka, S A; Mcneely, J A; Mittermeier, R A; Mcgregor Reid, G; Rodríguez, J P; Rosenberg, A A; Samways, M J; Smart, J; Stein, B A; Stuart, S N
2010A reassessment of the conservation status of Cycas beddomei Dyer (Cycadaceae), an endemic of the Tirupati-kadapa hills, Andhra Pradesh, India; and comments on its CITES status.Rao, B R P; Suresh Babu, M V; Donaldson, J S
2010The role of biological information in CITES non-detrimental findings: current practices and scientific research opportunities.Smith, M J; Benítez Díaz, H; Clemente-Muñoz, M A; Donaldson, J S; Hutton, J; Mcgough, N H; Medellin, R A; Morgan, D H W; O'criodain, C; Oldfield, T E E; Schippmann, U; Williams, R J
2010Scent chemistry and patterns of thermogenesis in male and female cones of the African cycad Encephalartos natalensis (Zamiaceae).Suinyuy, T; Donaldson, J S; Johnson, S D