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2010No going back for species and ecosystems. Review: Heatstroke: nature in an age of global warming, by Anthony Barnosky, 2009.Barnard, P; Midgley, G F
2011Scoping of the approximate climate change adaptation costs in several key sector for South Africa up to 2050. Department of Environmental Affairs, Pretoria.Midgley, G F; Scholes, R J; Blignaut, J
2006Securing protected areas in the face of climate change: lessons learned from the South African Cape Floristic Region.Bomhard, B; Midgley, G F
2010Terrestrial carbon stocks and biodiversity: key knowledge gaps and some policy implications.Midgley, G F; Bond, W J; Kapos, V; Ravilious, C; Scharlemann, J P W; Woodward, F
2010BioMove: an integrated platform simulating the dynamic response of species to environmental change.Midgley, G F; Davies, I D; Albert, C H; Altwegg, R; Hannah, L; Hughes, G O; O’Halloran, L R; Scangwan, C; Thorne, J H; Thuiller, W
2005The impacts of climate change on Aloe dichotoma (the kokerboom): implications for the conservation and management of threatened plants.Foden, W; Midgley, G F; Hughes, G O; Thuiller, W; Bishop, J; Bond, W J; Hoffman, M T; Kaleme, P; Rebelo, P; Hannah, L
2007A changing climate is eroding the geographical range of the Namib Desert tree aloe through population declines and dispersal lags.Foden, W; Midgley, G F; Hughes, G; Bond, W J; Thuiller, W; Hoffman, M T; Kaleme, P; Underhill, L G; Rebelo, A G; Hannah, L
2011Novel methods reveal shifts in migration phenology of barn swallows in South Africa.Altwegg, R; Broms, K; Erni, B; Barnard P; Midgley, G F; Underhill, L G
2007PDEMR modelling of Protea species in the population size 1 to 10, in the Cape Floristic Region from 1992 to 2002, South Africa.Guo, D; Guo, R; Midgley, G F; Rebelo, A G
2007PDEMR model in rare protea count prediction.Guo, R; Guo, D; Midgley, G F; Rebelo, A G