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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-10Level of environmental threat posed by horticultural trade in CactaceaeNovoa (SANBI), Ana; Le Roux, Johannes J.; Richardson, David M.; Wilson (SANBI), John R.U.
2014A simple, rapid methodology for developing invasive species watch listsFaulkner (SANBI), Katelyn T.; Robertson, Mark P.; Rouget, Mathieu; Wilson (SANBI), John R. U.
2010Initiating dialogue between scientists and managers of biological invasions.Shaw, J D; Wilson, J R U; Richardson, D M
2015-06Australian acacias as invasive species: lessons to be learnt from regions with long planting historiesRichardson, D.M.; Le Roux, J.J.; Wilson (SANBI), John R.U.
2014A standardized set of metrics to assess and monitor tree invasionsWilson (SANBI), John R.U.; Caplat, Paul; Dickie, Ian A.; Hui, Cang; Maxwell, Bruce D.; Nunez, Martin A.; Pauchard, Anibal; Rejmanek, Marcel; Richardson, David M.; Robertson, Mark P.; Spear (SANBI), Dian; Webber, Bruce L.; van Wilgen, Brian W.; Zenni, Rafael D.
2011Human-mediated introductions of Australian acacias—a global experiment in biogeography.Richardson, D M; Carruthers, J; Hui, C; Impson, F A C; Miller, J T; Robertson, M P; Rouget, M; Le Roux, J J; Wilson, J R U
2011Creating novel food webs on introduced Australian acacias: indirect effects of galling biological control agents.Veldtman, R; Lado, T F; Botes, A; Proches, S; Timm, A E; Geertsema, H; Chown, S L
2011Modelling horses for novel climate courses: insights from projecting potential distributions of native and alien Australian acacias with correlative and mechanistic models.Webber, B L; Yates, C J; Le Maitre, D C; Scott, J K; Kriticos, D J; Ota, N; Mcneill, A; Le Roux, J J; Midgley, G F
2017-03The global distribution of bamboos: assessing correlates of introduction and invasionCanavan (SANBI), Susan; Richardson, David M.; Visser (SANBI), Vernon; Le Roux, Johannes J.; Vorontsova, Maria S.; Wilson (SANBI), John R.U.
2013A new national unit for invasive species detection, assessment and eradication planningWilson (SANBI), John R.U.; Ivey (SANBI), Philip; Manyama (SANBI), Phetole; Ingrid (SANBI), Nanni