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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-06-26Massonia villosa (Hyacinthaceae), a new species from the Roggeveld, Northern Cape, South AfricaManning (SANBI), J.C.
2019-06Temperate Garden Plant Families: The Essential Guide to Identification and ClassificationGoldblatt, P; Manning (SANBI), J.C.
2013-04CREW NewsParbhoo, Suvarna; Ebrahim, Ismail; von Staden, Lize; Abubakar, Bello; Zikishe, Vatiswa; Raimondo, Domitilla; Johnson, Isabel; Marsh, Alex; Reshnee, Lella; Kotze, Donna; Moses, Estholene; Koelle, Bettina; Claasens, Koos; Preston, Heleen; Stummer, Hedi; Wolmarans, Cecilia; Crous, Hildegard; Turner, Di; Logie, Caryl; McMaster, Cameron; Louw, Merika; Abbott, Andrea; Young, Alison; Braby, Julie; Rennie, Anne; Clulow, David; Scutte, Vic; Lotter, Mervyn; Burrows, John; Egan, Bronwyn; Rabaney, Ziatoon
2012-04CREW NewsRaimondo, Domitilla; Johnson, Isabel; Hutchinson, Sarah-Leigh; Turpin, Barbara; Parbhoo, Survarna; Braby, Julie; Clulow, David; Swan, Sue; Schutte, Vic; Young, Alison; Abbott, Andrea; Abbott, Tony; Louw, Merika; Weatherall-Thomas, Clayton; Logie, Caryl; Turner, Di; Johns, Amida; Wolmarans, Cecilia; Ebrahim, Ismail; Stummer, Hedi; van der Merwe, Jacques; Claassens en, Koos; Treurnicht, Martina; Zikishe, Vathiswa; Hoveka, Lerato
2010-03CREW NewsEbrahim, Ismail; Johnson, Isabel; Parbhoo, Suvarna; Johnson, Sally; McGibbon, Lorraine; Turpin, Barbara; von Staden, Lize; Swan, Sue; Young, Alison; Grant, Christeen; Mathias, Ruth; Logie, Caryl; Naude, Janet; McMaster, Cameron; Flora, Cameron; Fraser, Patric; Kahle, Margeret; Marias, Karen; Preston, Helene; Klassens, Koos; Koelle, Bettina; Estholene, Moses; Kotze, Donna; Lalla, Reshnee; Turner, Di; Raimondo, Domitilla
2007-12CREW NewsEbrahim, Ismail; Napier, Cameron McMaster; Nicholls, Harold; Johnson, Isabel; Koopman, Rupert; Manyama, Phetole; van Witt, Caitlin; deVilliers, Marienne; Silvia, Mecenero; Lotter, Mervyn; Agenbag, Lize; Swan, Sue; Abbott, Tony; Marais, Karen; Smuts, Stephen; Hanekom, Adriaan; Roets, Divan; Parring, Sahannon; Koelle, Bettina; Turner, Di; Logie, Caryl; Cameron, Flora; Preston, Heleen
2009-02CREW NewsRaimondo, Domitilla; Ebrahim, Ismail; Johnson, Isabel; Parbhoo, Savarna; Young, Alison; Abbott, Tony; Swan, Sue; Clulow, David; Styles, David; Logie, Caryl; Lotter, Mervyn; Garner, Nelia; Turner, Di; Vlok, Jan; Cameron, Flora; Lindani, Sabelo; Stummer, Hedi; Kahle, Margaret; Mecenero, Silvia; Zizkishe, Vathiswa; McMaster, Rhoda
2019-07-24Four new species of the sac spider genus Planochelas Lyle & Haddad, 2009 (Araneae, Trachelidae) from central and southern Africa.Khoza, TT; Lyle, R
2005-11CREW NewsRaimondo, Tilla; Preston, Helene; Hanekom, Adriaan; Logie, Caryl; Erasmus, Ince; Cameron, Flora; Ebrahim, Ismail
2016-04Swellendam and Barrydale CREWCameron, Flora